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Solar Pool Blankets – Don’t get ripped off choosing a pool cover

Solar Pool Covers


During the hot months of summer, thousands of us head to our swimming pools to cool off.

For many, the luxury of owning a private pool and avoiding more crowded public pools is a worthwhile expense.

But for some pool owners, their pool still remains cold. In recent years, a cost-efficient solution that has allowed thousands of pool owners to keep swimming well into Autumn is a solar pool cover.

The added perks of improving the value of your home and being able to swim any time of the day in the privacy of your backyard have made this product extremely popular.

How Does a Pool Cover Work?

Solar pool covers are designed to trap the heat of the sun, warm your pool water and keep out leaves and debris.

At first glance, these “bubble covers” look like oversized sheets of bubble wrap. In fact, these pool blankets are designed to use sunlight to naturally heat your pool.

Specially crafted air pockets, or “bubbles”, trap and disperse heat through the water. Depending on the thickness of the pool cover (they range from 200-800 microns), pool owners have reported an increase of warmth of up to 7%.

Solar covers come in multiple sizes and are easily customizable. With just a pair of household scissors, you can cut the pool blanket to the size of your pool so that it fits tightly over the water, eliminating evaporation and sealing in the heat from the sun.

Using natural sunlight to heat your pool is a good alternative to running a solar-powered or heat-pump pool heating system. Although many think solar heating systems are free, they do in fact cost several hundred dollars a year to run. The pump used to circulate the water is responsible for most of the cost.

Heat-pumps are effective, but more expensive than solar—especially when the weather turns chilly.

Cost-conscious homeowners often stop swimming season as soon as the temperature drops, rather than pay more for turning up the heat.

It’s easy to see why: heating costs for a solar or heat-pumps run from $430-$1250 annually.

Solar pool blankets are by far the most affordable pool covers on the market today. Effective and low priced—they cost $566-$1300—and they’re the perfect option for pool owners who keep a strict budget.

How to Choose a Solar Cover

Finding a good quality cover can be confusing, but there are a few important clues to look for:

  • Blue coloring instead of clear—darker colors absorb heat moresolar-cover-colours
  • At least 400 microns—thicker covers keep warmth from escaping
  • UV and chemical resistant—durable and long-lasting
  • Smart Approved WaterMark label

Overall, solar pool covers are the most affordable and effective solution for heat and water loss. They keep your water clean, warm and cut your pool running costs.

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