How to Remove Iron (Rust) Stains from a Pool

If you are reading this, unfortunately, you may already know what rust stains look like. But if not, then what you are looking for is dark red or rusty in color. They can be small spots or they can cover sections of a pool, both on the walls, floor, and steps. What Do Rust Stains … Read more

How to Unclog a Blocked Pool Skimmer Line

You might’ve noticed that your pool skimmer has been removing the water a little slower than usual. If you have, your pool skimmer line could be blocked, in which case we’ll show you why this might be as well as ways to fix the issue. There are several ways you can go about unclogging a … Read more

Chlorine Pool Water Tastes Salty – Why?

swimming in the pool

So, you’ve noticed that your chlorine pool water tastes salty, and perhaps you’re looking for a quick fix to the issue. To do that, we’ll first have to dissect the cause, which is what we’ll be looking at in this article. There can be several reasons why the chlorine pool water might taste salty, the … Read more

How to Unclog a Blocked Pool Return Jet (eyeball)

Aiming swimming pool jets or nozzles too high creates bubbles and should be avoided.

If you notice a decrease in pressure from one or more of your pool return jets (aka eyeballs) you could have a blockage that’s restricting the flow of water back into your pool from the filter. We will cover some of the main causes and how to correct them in this article. Here’s the short … Read more

30 of the Worst Trees to Have Around a Swimming Pool

You want your pool area to be a backyard paradise. Trees and landscaping often enhance your yard and pool. However, there are certain trees that you’ll want to avoid putting near the pool. Steer clear of these 30 trees to help keep your pool maintenance to a minimum. Judging Criteria How did these trees make … Read more

What to Do if Swimming Pool Filter Not Filtering Algae


Algae, though microscopic, can cause a variety of problems for your pool, ranging from clouding the water so to reducing perception, to producing carbon dioxide, which can raise the pH of the water. One particularly detrimental consequence of having too many algae is that it can clog up your filter, a crucial instrument in preventing … Read more

How to Raise Alkalinity In Pool Without Raising pH

Most pool owners have experienced low levels of alkalinity in their pool. But what if the pH is already at the right level. Can you increase the alkalinity of the pool without raising the pH? To raise swimming pool water alkalinity without raising the pH, add 1.5 lbs (680 g) of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) … Read more

Pool Return Jets Not Working (Low Pressure or No Water)

Essential for the return of clean water back to the pool, a weak return jet or jet that is not working is the first sign of trouble in your return lines and pipes. So what causes this? Usually, low pressure or no water coming out of the pool return jets is caused by an air … Read more