What To Do with Old Pool Filter Sand (Answered!)

Filter Sand

Now that you’ve replaced the old sand in your pool filter, you’re left with a large amount of sand. Are you wondering what to do with it? Is it safe to reuse? Here are some ways you can use that old sand. 1. Yard Projects Fire Pit Sand can be a great filler in the … Read more

What is a Pool Skimmer Sock, and Do You Need One?

If you own a pool, you’ve likely experienced small debris floating in the pool. You’re using a skimmer and running your pump regularly, but that doesn’t seem to get everything. Adding a skimmer sock is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep your water cleaner. What is a Skimmer Sock? A pool skimmer sock … Read more

What is a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filter?

If you have a pool that you just can’t seem to keep clean, then installing a DE filter may just be the way to go. What is a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filter? A DE pool filter uses Diatomaceous Earth as a filter medium. Essentially, there are screens (grids) inside the filter housing which are … Read more

Mechanical Vs. Digital Pool Timers: Which is Better?

So you’re considering a new timer for your pool pump. Should you get a mechanical or digital pool timer? Mechanical pool timers are best for pool owners that only need to switch their pool pump on and off at the same time each day. Digital pool timers are best for pool owners to remotely turn … Read more

What to Do if Swimming Pool Filter Not Filtering Algae


Algae, though microscopic, can cause a variety of problems for your pool, ranging from clouding the water so to reducing perception, to producing carbon dioxide, which can raise the pH of the water. One particularly detrimental consequence of having too many algae is that it can clog up your filter, a crucial instrument in preventing … Read more

8 Tips To Maintain A Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Saltwater generators are a great natural way of sanitizing swimming pools. The salt cell naturally generates chlorine minimizing the need to keep buying chlorine to maintain your pool hygiene. For a saltwater generator to function properly, and most importantly, last longer, you need to maintain it regularly. Salt Cell Maintenance Depends on Your Pool The … Read more

What Do The Numbers On A Saltwater Generator Mean?

Pool control panel with LCD display and warning lights.

Have you ever looked at numbers displayed on a saltwater generator and wondered what they mean? There are different numbers and readings for different brands and models. Brands and models like Hayward, AquaRite, Pentair, Zodia, Circupool, Astral, Ace, Goldline, and Jandy. This article will help you understand what each of these values means and what … Read more

When & How Often To Clean Pool Salt Cell? (Answered!)

As a saltwater pool owner, you will need to clean the salt cell regularly to remove deposits that can prevent the effective functioning of the cell. But when should you clean the salt cell and how often should you do so? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed in this article. So … Read more