Pool Pump Current (Amps) – 0.5 to 2.5 HP Motors

Swimming pool pump

Pool pump motors draw different amounts of current (amps) depending on the size of the pump. The current usage can be used to calculate and check if your power circuit will handle a pool pump. It can also be used to calculate the power use and cost to run a pool pump. Here’s a summary … Read more

How Much Sand to Put in a Sand Filter (How Far to Fill)

Pile of sand to go under an Intex pool, kiddie pool or above ground.

Your sand filter has been running well up until now. But the time has come to replace the sand, and you have no idea how much sand to add. How far should you fill up your sand filter? Does it require 2 bags of sand or 5? If your sand filter is 16 inches (41 … Read more

What Gauge or Thickness Wire Does a Pool Pump Need?

Pool hot tub wire gauge chart

If you’re installing a new swimming pool, you’ll need to run power to the pump. With a lot of different size cables and wires available, you may be unsure of what thickness you need to run for your pool pump. The National Electrical Code (NEC) states the minimum wire gauge (thickness) for pool pumps is … Read more

6 Signs a Pool Pump Capacitor Is Bad (and how to test)

Pool pump motor capacitors

Each day, when you turn on your pool pump, the pool pump run capacitor is at play. When yours starts to go faulty, it can affect the pool pump and even prevent it from turning on or starting. What are some signs the pool pump capacitor is in bad shape? Here’s how to tell if … Read more

How to Choose the Best Pool Pump for an Intex Pool

intex pool with stairs and pump

Your pool pump and filter are arguably the most important parts of owning an Intex pool. Their job is to function the same as your heart and kidneys do in your body to keep your blood flowing and clean. So you can see why it’s important to choose the best pool pump for your Intex … Read more

What is a Normal Pool Filter Pressure Range?

Maybe you’ve lost your pool filter’s owner manual and want to check if the pressure readings are normal. Or perhaps you think the reading you’re getting is off and want to know how to correct it. Regardless of your filter type, we have you covered! So what are normal pool filter pressure ranges? The average … Read more

How to Hide Pool Equipment in Your Yard

Enclosure shed for pool equipment system n the backyard.

Maybe you’re wanting to create a tranquil nature retreat in your yard. Or, perhaps you want to keep curious hands and noses safe from danger. But, in what ways can you hide your pool’s ugly equipment to keep your yard looking peaceful and relaxing? The most common ways to hide unsightly pool equipment include: Wood … Read more