Best Pool Depth for Jumping Rock (3 Builders Weigh In)

You’ve decided it would be a whole lot of fun to have a jumping rock for your swimming pool. Since this will be your first jumping rock, you have no idea what the appropriate depth for your pool should be. How deep must your swimming pool go? The depth of a swimming pool with a … Read more

Best Pool Depth for a Pool Slide (3 Builders Weigh In)

The kids have been begging you for a pool slide for several summers now. You want to be Superdad and make their summer, but if you’re going to get a pool slide installed, you need to do it right. What pool depth is required for a slide? If your swimming pool slide is designed for … Read more

8 Reasons Filter Pump Pressure is High (And How to Fix)

sand filter

Is your pool’s pressure gauge swinging over the limit? Are you struggling to find out what the problem might be with your pump? Don’t worry, a high pressure reading is quite common.  And believe me, as a pool owner myself, I’ve come across it many times now. But luckily, today, I’ll show you why your … Read more

What is a Pool Booster Pump & Do I Need One? (Answered!)

Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump for Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner

As a swimming pool owner, a pool booster pump might sound foreign to you if it is your first time owning a pool. Even if you’re a long-time swimming pool owner you may not know what a booster pump is for and whether you should get one for your pool. Essentially, a pool booster pump … Read more

How Much Are Pool Pump Running Costs? (Cost Calculator)

swimming pool costs

If you’re considering buying a house with a pool, are about to build and install a pool or need a new pool pump, then you likely know that the pool’s filter pump is the piece of equipment that costs the most money to run. In this article I’ll break down the running costs of different … Read more

Which Intermatic Timer for Pool Pump? T101 or T103 or T104

Intermatic Timer: T101 Vs T103 Vs T104

Intermatic has long been the go-to, ever-dependable workhorse for its T101 or T103 or T104 pool timers. But there’s a little confusion around as to which Intermatic timer is suitable for your pool’s pump. Do you need a T101, T103 or T104 for your Pool Pump Motor? For pool owners only needing to switch a … Read more

5 Best Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners | 2021 Reviews


The 5 Best Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners for 2021 So, you have a robotic pool vacuum on your shopping list? Tired of manhandling that pool vacuum and pole? Or untangling the hose on the suction cleaner? Without a doubt, a robotic pool vacuum is your answer. This piece of electronic wizardry has got your back. … Read more