How Long Should I run my Pool Pump After Shocking?

An often overlooked aspect for many pool owners is how long to run your pool filter after shocking your pool. It is a question a lot of pool owners have and a question that we have the answer to! A pool filter should be run for a minimum of 6 hours after shocking a swimming … Read more

Air Bubbles In Pool Or Pump | Causes and Dangers

Swimming pools are filled with water. So when you start to notice air in your pool or pool pump, it’s a sign that something is not right. So what does air in your pool or pump mean? How can you identify it? And how do you bleed the air? The answers to these questions and … Read more

What Do All the Multiport Valve Pool Filters Settings Do?

Swimming Pool Multiport Valve

You’re new to pools and know you need to use the valve on top of the filter. But it’s a complicated-looking valve with loads of settings. Where’s the simple on/off switch? There are several different settings to choose from, so how do you know which position to choose and when? The “filter” setting on a … Read more

Is It Bad to Put a Magic Eraser in Your Pool Skimmer Box?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original

We’re such an interconnected society that when a hack goes viral, it’s impossible not to hear about it. That’s why you’re probably privy to that hack from a couple of years ago that said that placing a Magic Eraser in your pool skimmer box makes the pool less green. Does it work or is it … Read more

5 Alternatives To Using Chlorine For Pools

Spa Choice 3-pound bromine tablets

Pool chlorine ensures the pool is safe for swimming. But what if you don’t want chlorine in your pool? Are there alternatives to use? How much do these alternatives cost to run? And do they clean the pool as well as chlorine? The answers to all these questions and more will be revealed in this … Read more

Soda Ash or Baking Soda for Pool | Which is Better?

Soda Ash vs Baking Soda

Pool owners often struggle when deciding whether to use soda ash or baking soda in their pool. While both are good options, their uses differ and it is important to know when to use each. Soda ash is the best product for your pool water to make large pH adjustments and to adjust pH and … Read more

Should You Use Stabilizer for Indoor Pools?

indoor pool

If you haven’t owned an indoor pool before and you use chlorine or bromine to sanitize it, you may be wondering if you need stabilizer? Stabilizer or cyanuric acid is not recommended for indoor pools as it reduces the chlorine’s effectiveness. Stabilizer is also unnecessary for indoor pools as they are not exposed to the … Read more

Can You Over Shock Pool? Pool Now Cloudy

Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock

Are you about to shock your pool, or have you already shocked it and are wondering if you can or have overshocked it? Is it possible to add too much shock to your pool? Perhaps your water has turned cloudy after shocking. Well Big G has brought you to the right place.  What happens if … Read more