How to Shock Saltwater Pool | And How Often to Shock It

overflowing swimming pool water

If you’re new to owning a saltwater pool, you might be unsure of how to maintain your pool. Does it follow the same guidelines as a traditional chlorine pool? Part of that cleaning routine for your pool is shocking. But, can you shock a saltwater pool? And, if so, how do you shock it? Shocking … Read more

The Dangers of Salt Water Pools | Are they Safe?

Man pouring a bag of pool salt into a swimming pool.

Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular in America. According to Hayward internal data, saltwater pools account for 35% of the estimated 10.4 million US residential pools. But, the question is, are they safe to own? Saltwater pools face the same dangers as chlorinated pools since they also use chlorine to sanitize the pool. … Read more

How To Lower High Salt Level in Pool (Too Much Salt)

Man pouring a bag of pool salt into a swimming pool.

Have you just read your salt level and it’s showing 4,000 ppm or more? Maybe you added too much salt for your pool. Or perhaps your pool water level has dropped resulting in high salt concentration. How do you go about fixing it now? To lower your pool’s high salt level, you’ll need to dilute … Read more

What Order Should You Add Pool Chemicals? (Answered!)

When it comes to taking care of your pool and keeping your chemicals balanced or opening your pool after winter, it can be hard to know what chemicals you should add and when. Does it really matter what order you add the pool chemicals in? There is in fact a correct order to add your … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Saltwater Cell Like a Pro! (and when)

Dirty Saltwater Cell - Shows calcium scale.

If you’ve got a saltwater pool, then you know that the salt cell or chlorine generator is an integral part of the sanitation system. Every now and again, saltwater cells need cleaning. They clog up with calcium and when that happens the chlorine production can be reduced and the SWG (saltwater generator) doesn’t work properly. … Read more

Filter Pressure Rises Rapidly After Backwash or Cleaning

Typical pool filter pressure gauge.

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve recently cleaned your pool filter and now the pressure is still increasing, over a matter of hours or days? Well, rest easy and read on to find out why your pool pump or filter pressure is rising after cleaning. The most common reasons why a cartridge, sand, or DE filter’s … Read more

How to Properly and Safely Dispose of Chlorine

Outside of putting it in their swimming pools, many pool owners are unsure what to do with leftover (or old) chlorine. Others don’t have a pool anymore, but they have chlorine they want to get rid of. How do you safely get the chlorine off your property? To dispose of fresh, unused chlorine, take the … Read more

How Many Chlorine Tablets Do You Get in a Bucket?

If you use chlorine tablets for your pool, chances are you have probably wondered how many tablets are in a pack. Perhaps you’re planning how long a box of chlorine tablets will last? Or trying to figure out how many chlorine tabs you need? Many manufacturers only give you the weight of the box or … Read more