How to Hide Pool Equipment in Your Yard

Enclosure shed for pool equipment system n the backyard.

Maybe you’re wanting to create a tranquil nature retreat in your yard. Or, perhaps you want to keep curious hands and noses safe from danger. But, in what ways can you hide your pool’s ugly equipment to keep your yard looking peaceful and relaxing? The most common ways to hide unsightly pool equipment include: Wood … Read more

20 Ideal Plants to Put Around Pool in Texas

Summertime in Texas can be brutal. One of the best ways to beat the heat is with your own backyard pool. If you want to turn your pool into your own tropical paradise, check out these plants. The plants here are ideal for Texas climates and best suited to plant around your pool. 1. Elephant … Read more

What to Put Under an Inflatable Hot Tub?

An inflatable hot tub is one of the best ways to enjoy your garden during the summer. However, you need to ensure that you have something appropriate under it. There are several options for finding a suitable material to put underneath, but how do you choose? Ideal materials to put under inflatable hot tubs include … Read more

Can You Swim with Huawei Watch? Is It Waterproof?

Known for their phones, Huawei has a wide selection of smartwatches that keep you connected and accurately track over 100+ workout modes, depending on the model. One of those workout options is swimming. But, are Huawei watches waterproof or swim proof? Based on 11 different Huawei Watch models, each one is resistant to depths of … Read more

Can I Swim With Samsung Watch? Is It Waterproof?

Samsung is the biggest smartphone company for Androids in the world. So, it makes sense that they would branch out into smartwatches with a focus on health and fitness. But, does that mean they’re safe to use in the water? Based on the five main Samsung Galaxy Watch models, all are resistant to depths of … Read more

Can I Swim with Samsung Phone? Is it Waterproof?

It’s not unusual for people to keep their phones with them at all times. It could simply be a security thing. Or, maybe they need it close for medical reasons. Whatever the reason, knowing whether your Samsung phone (specifically the Galaxy Series) is waterproof or swim-proof is important if you’re wanting a swim in a … Read more

Can I Swim with an iPhone? Is it Waterproof?

With constantly improving technology, iPhone specifications are amazing. And, with this improvement comes better phone integrity and durability. But, the question remains: can you swim with your iPhone? From iPhone 7 and newer, these phones are water-resistant with improving limitations as newer models come out. However, Apple doesn’t classify any of its phones as waterproof. … Read more

Can I Swim with Garmin Watch? Is it Waterproof?

One of the sturdiest brands of smartwatches (comparable to other products), Garmin has sold over 1 million smartwatches since 2019. They’re excellent at tracking multiple workouts, but are they waterproof? Can they withstand a water workout, or something more extreme, and work perfectly afterward? Although there are many Garmin series of watches, none are waterproof. … Read more