5 Best Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners | 2021 Reviews


The 5 Best Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners for 2021 So, you have a robotic pool vacuum on your shopping list? Tired of manhandling that pool vacuum and pole? Or untangling the hose on the suction cleaner? Without a doubt, a robotic pool vacuum is your answer. This piece of electronic wizardry has got your back. … Read more

What is Total Alkalinity in Pools | pH vs Alkalinity


Do you find yourself constantly scratching your head wondering what total alkalinity is? Better yet, do you wonder what the best range of alkalinity is for your swimming pool? Well, you’re not alone on this. Simply put, a swimming pool’s total alkalinity is the measure of carbonate and bicarbonate levels in the water. Alkalinity helps … Read more

What to Put Under Intex Pool & Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool on grass in front of house.

Deciding what to put under Intex pools is something you should give lots of thought to before installing your pool. Choose the right material and you will prevent possible problems and increase the life of your inflatable above ground pool. Whether your Intex pool is on concrete, grass, gravel, pavers or a deck, we’ve got … Read more

Sand in Sight Glass (When Backwashing Pool Sand Filter)

Pool sight glass for backwashing.

If you’re struggling with sand in sight glass when backwashing your pool sand filter, this is just the article for you. Like many pool owners with a sand filtering system, a common phenomenon is getting sand in the sight glass. But don’t stress. Did you know, there are more pools in the U.S than there … Read more