Can You Downsize a Pool Pump?

Swimming pool pump for medium sized pools

When you got your swimming pool installed, you’d be the first to admit you didn’t know much of anything about pool pumps. Now, several years later, it’s a different story. You’re about to get a new pool pump and wondered about replacing it with something smaller and cheaper to run. Can you downsize? Replacing a … Read more

Can You Swim with a Broken Toe?

Foot of a man with a bandaged broken toe.

Nothing is worse than breaking a toe, except maybe when it’s coming into pool season. Then, of course, soaking in the pool during a hot day is a must but is it possible with a broken toe? Swimming with a broken toe is possible in some situations. It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice first. … Read more

Using Muriatic Acid To Clear A Green Pool Quickly

swimming pool with green algae

Has your swimming pool turned green and you are looking for a solution to fix it quickly? In this article, we will discuss why your pool is green and how you can use muriatic acid to adjust the pH level and get your pool looking clear again. Why is My Pool Green? If your swimming … Read more

How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Bugs that Swim

Different types and kinds of beetles

Perhaps one day you entered your pool and noticed some swimming pool bugs (also known as water bugs) in the water, which you’re probably hoping to get rid of. In this article, I’ll be describing some of the most common swimming pool bugs you’re likely to find, as well as the best ways to remove … Read more

How Much Muriatic Acid To Lower Pool pH & Alkalinity

Muriatic Acid to Lower pH & Alkalinity

Perhaps you’ve recently tested the pH and alkalinity of your pool and realized they were too high so now you’re trying to lower them using muriatic acid. In this article, I’ll help you determine the exact amount of muriatic acid you’ll need to lower these water chemicals, as well as the step-by-step procedure. To lower … Read more

Can You Over Shock Your Hot Tub or Spa?

hot tub jacuzzi with jets

Shocking is crucial for crystal-clear water in your hot tub. But is it possible to over shock your hot tub? It is possible to over shock your hot tub, and many experienced owners accidentally do it. Over-shocking throws the water chemistry balance off and can damage seals and components. However, you’re unlikely to damage your … Read more

Swimming Pool & Spa Electrical Requirements in New York State

Electrician fixing electrical wirings of the hot tub.

Whether you’ve just started your research or are in the middle of installing a swimming pool or hot tub in New York state, you’ll likely know that there are laws, codes, regulations, and requirements that must be met, for the electrical systems. In this article, we’ll review and try to simplify the current electrical requirements … Read more

Pool Pump Current (Amps) – 0.5 to 2.5 HP Motors

Swimming pool pump

Pool pump motors draw different amounts of current (amps) depending on the size of the pump. The current usage can be used to calculate and check if your power circuit will handle a pool pump. It can also be used to calculate the power use and cost to run a pool pump. Here’s a summary … Read more