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What to Do About Your Neighbor’s Noisy Pool Pump & Your Rights

The noise from a pool’s pump is usually disturbing. Even more disturbing is when the noise comes from your neighbor’s pool pump. But don’t worry. This post reveals ways to get rid of the noise problem and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

swimming pool pump
swimming pool pump

You have 3 options when dealing with a neighbour’s noisy pool pump: 

1. Talk To Your Neighbor About The Noise Problem

The first thing you can try out is to talk to or write to your neighbor about the problem.

2. Quiet the pump 

This usually involves insulating the pool equipment housing, repairing a faulty pump or erecting a wall to block or muffle the noise so it doesn’t disturb you.

3. Take Legal Action

The last resort is to take legal action against the neighbor. This involves getting a court order that either stops the neighbor from using the pool’s pump or gets the neighbor to repair the pool’s pump. 

But there is a lot more to know about each of these potential solutions. For instance, who should you talk to for legal help or what should you say to the neighbour?

Let’s check out each of these potential solutions in detail. 

Solutions To Your Neighbor’s Noisy Pool Pump

The first step to quiet your neighbour’s noisy pump is to talk to your neighbour either directly or through a letter. They probably don’t know there is an issue.

Talk to Your Neighbor

The best solution to try out in cases like this is to talk to or write to your neighbor. Chances are he or she might not even know about the noise problem.

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, you can talk to them about the noise problem coming from their pool’s pump. Perhaps you could bring it up by saying that you’re concerned the pump isn’t working properly because it’s really noisy.

You can also discuss some of the problems that might be causing the noise such as a broken bearing on the motor, or a dry pool pump. 

Write a Letter

Another alternative is to write to the neighbor. This works if you are not on talking terms with the neighbor.  Here’s a template or sample letter you can give to your neighbor about the noise:

Dear Neighbor, 

I hope you are doing fine. 

I’m writing to call your attention to your pool’s pump. 

It’s been very noisy and it has been keeping me up at night. I’d be very grateful if you could take a look at the pump to find out what’s causing the noise. 

Thank you.

John (Your neighbor from number 27)

A letter like this isn’t offensive and it would surely draw the attention of the neighbor to the noise problem. 

Fixing a Neighbor’s Noisy Pool Pump

When speaking to your neighbor you can be helpful by helping them quiet the noisy pump. Below you’ll find several options to help solve the problem.

1. Suggest a Noise-Proof Pool Equipment Housing

Talk to the neighbor about using a noise-proof pool equipment housing. This is usually an expensive option but it’s a great one.

These housings are insulated to reduce noise. It would also be beneficial to the neighbor because a pool equipment housing will protect their pool equipment while also reducing the noise from the pool’s pump. 

If you are feeling very generous, you can decide to go halves with the neighbor to cover the cost of the pool equipment housing.

pool equipment enclosure housing
Pool equipment enclosure housing

2. Suggest Insulating the Pool Equipment Housing

I already mentioned you could purchase a noise-proof housing. A more cost effective way to reduce the noise of a pool pump is to insulate the pool equipment housing yourself.

Simply line the walls of the pool equipment enclosure with acoustic insulation or for a free alternative, try old carpet.

You can get acoustic insulation here.

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3. Add a Soundproof Fence

Another possible solution is to try and quiet the noise coming from the pool’s pump. You can do this by erecting a soundproof fence on your property. To do this, you will need to check the building codes in your area to be sure it is allowed.

You will also need to contact a contractor to give you recommendations on what materials to use and what the size dimensions of the wall should be. Usually, a 6’ high wall made out of concrete should block the noise from the pool’s pump.

4. Replace or Repair the Noisy Pool Pump

The noisy pump may be loud because there’s something wrong with it. Or perhaps it’s not mounted properly.

Installing vibration pads underneath the pool pump or bolting it down properly can reduce excessive vibration.

If the pump is at fault, repairing it or replacing it will sort out the problem too.

Both methods will help to quiet the pool’s noisy pump but you’ll need the approval and help of your neighbor.

Your Legal Options for Noisy Pool Pump

judge gavel in court
Legal options for noisy neighor’s pool pump.

I would recommend this as a last resort because taking legal actions against your neighbor over a noisy pool pump isn’t very neighborly. But if everything else fails, then this would work. 

To resolve the noise problem through a legal option, you’ll need to bring a nuisance suit to the neighbor. A nuisance suit will be granted by a court and a judge. But before you can get a judge to grant you one, there needs to be valid proof that the noise is constituting a nuisance. 

There should also be a zoning law in place that applies to your area. The court will also investigate the noise to check if the noise is substantial or unreasonable. This means the court has to be sure the noise is enough to cause a nuisance. 

This means if you have a sensitive hearing, the court might not grant you a nuisance suit since the noise wouldn’t cause a nuisance to an average person. 

Taking legal action requires a lot of work which is another reason to leave this option as a last resort. But if it’s one you are prepared to take, then you should talk to an attorney and contact the environmental authority in your area regarding the case. 

Why Is My Neighbour’s Pool Filter Pump So Noisy?

Before you talk to your neighbour about the noise problem, it’s important to know what may be causing the noise. Here are some possible causes for the noise from the pool’s pump. 

swimming pool pump
swimming pool pump

The Pump is in Close Proximity to Your House

The pump might be noisy because of its close proximity to the house. Maybe the pool’s pump was installed in an area of your neighbor’s yard that is very close to your home. This might be a reason for the noise problem. 

The Pump Could Be Running Dry

A noisy swimming pool pump can be because the pump is running dry. This happens when the pool water level is very low. When the pool water level is low, the pump begins to suck in air and this puts more pressure on the pool’s pump to work harder and louder. 

Excessive Vibration 

The pool’s pump could be noisy because of excessive vibration. Pumps vibrate a lot while working because of the spinning motor inside the pump. If the pump isn’t mounted well to a stable surface like concrete, then it would make a lot of noise. 

Also, if the pool’s pump was installed on a wooden board or a deck, the noise from the vibration can be amplified as the pump hits the wooden board rapidly.

A Damaged Motor 

A loud pool pump can be because of a damaged motor or impeller. The bearings in the filter pump are designed to reduce friction as the motor shaft spins. If the bearings are loose or bad, then the pump will create a lot of noise from too much friction. 

Other possible reasons include an internal blockage in the pool’s pump, an old motor, and cavitation. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, having a neighbor with a noisy pool pump can be annoying. But most times, the noise problem can be resolved by talking to your neighbor about it. You can also team up with your neighbor to find ways to quiet the pump and enjoy some peace. 

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