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Thermal Swimming Pool Cover – Discover if this cover is right for you

Thermal Pool Covers Retain More Heat in Your Pool

When the hot summer sun disappears and the cool crisp air of autumn blows in, thousands of people abandon their pool, hanging up their suits until the return of summer’s sun and heat.

However, some swimmers are getting 8 weeks extra from their swimming season. Yes, some of these pool owners have gas heating, solar heating systems or heat pumps to keep their water warm during the cooler months. But the real secret sauce is a thermal pool cover.

While artificial heating makes your pool warm enough for swimming, it is neither efficient nor affordable during the traditional shoulder periods of the year (spring and autumn).

The chilly weather combined with evaporating water—takes with it all the warmth produced by your pool heater and the sun making it hard for your heating to keep up.

It doesn’t take much calculating to realise that heating your pool this way gets expensive—fast.

Thermal Pool Covers Extend Your Season & Increase Heating Efficiency

A popular solution has been developed for pool owners who want to extend their swimming season without paying outrageous heating bills.

Thermal pool covers act as a snug blanket that fits over your pool, keeping the water warm as the weather gets cooler and also maximising the heat of your pool in Summer, and if you have it, it also maximises the efficiency of your pool heating.


Swim 8 Weeks Longer

They are so effective, pool owners have reported being able to swim comfortably up to 8 weeks longer in water that is covered by a thermal blanket at night.

These covers are easy to use, durable, and cut down daily pool maintenance and costs by half.

Thermal pool covers are one of the most effective pool covers for retaining the heat of your pool. Made from multi-layered, waterproof, closed-cell polyethylene foam, these blankets lay on top of the water—keeping heat from escaping by insulating the water from the cold outside air and preventing evaporation.

The cover is also more durable than other blankets such as solar pool covers. Thermal pool covers are specially made to withstand the UV rays from the sun and corrosive pool chemicals.

The result? Water that’s at least 5 degrees warmer—warm enough to keep swimming well past summer.

Not Just for Commercial and Indoor Pools

Many pool owners incorrectly assume that thermal covers are used only for indoor, heated commercial pools. These effective blankets are available for outdoor pools too.

Automated Pool Cover – A Luxurious Touch

Another great feature is the ability to automate this kind of blanket. These pool covers are able to be used with an electric pool cover roller which can be powered by a solar panel. With a quick touch of a button, your pool cover automatically unwinds. Automatic pool covers really do add a touch of luxury to your pool.

You can purchase an automatic solar pool cover roller here.

Cost of a Thermal Pool Blanket

The average thermal pool blanket is priced at $900-$1500. They come in different sizes but can be trimmed to fit a kidney-shaped or freeform pool. This is best done by a pro installer.

Since these blankets are arguably better than solar and automatic pool covers for retaining the heat of heated pools, most pool owners can expect their heating and energy bills to decrease by 35% or more when they cover their heated pool.

Affordable Solar Covers

solar-swimming-pool-cover The downside is thermal pool covers are quite a bit more expensive and also don’t heat your water like a solar blanket does. A thermal blanket will retain the heat already there but not heat the water.
A solar blanket will actually heat the water in your pool since they are translucent.
For pool owners on a tighter budget, especially those who don’t use pool heating, solar covers are a great and affordable alternative delivering almost all the benefits but a cost of only $500-$1200 including a pool cover roller.

Our Conclusion

For swimmers who are willing to pay a few hundred dollars extra, a thermal pool cover is a smart choice. You’ll be rewarded with a blanket that lasts around 10 years, looks attractive, keeps your pool water beautifully clear and maximises the warmth of your pool. Combined with a pool heating system, you’ll also cut down your heating costs significantly.

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