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Prices of Swimming Pool Cover Rollers / Reels

Anyone that has installed a pool cover in an average sized pool (8x4m) knows that if you are going to use your pool cover regularly, you need a pool cover roller. For an average backyard pool, a pool cover is way too big to take on and off without a pool cover roller.

Today we’ll look at the prices of swimming pool cover rollers.

Do You Need a Pool Cover Roller

Although they can be a little pricey, the roller will pretty much pay for itself. You see, without a roller, you’re unlikely to use your pool cover anywhere near enough to get the full benefits. By having a roller, you will:

  • Use your cover much more – which will save you a lot money in chemicals and heating (40 to 60% of your total yearly costs).
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your cover – it’s less likely to get ripped using a roller.

Manual Pool Cover Roller Price

swimming pool roller Most Australians use a pool cover reel similar to this one. In general, they’re strong, fairly light weight, easy to use and are good value for money.

This one is made from stainless steel and has an aluminium telescopic pole. Which means the width can be adjusted to easily fit most pools.

To take the cover off, use the handle to wind it onto your pool. To put it on, just grab the end of the cover and walk with it down the length of the pool. No need to get wet.




Pool Cover Reel Price:  $250 to $900

Pros: Easy to use, can be installed without tradesman, suitable for all shaped pools
Some people might find them hard to roll. For kidney or free form pools, the cover doesn’t always go straight onto the reel. You may need to help it on. Saying that, it’s a whole lot easy to have one than not.

Automatic Pool Cover Roller Prices

Auto cover rollers will wind up your pool cover without assistance. They are powered by a variety of difference power sources such as; solar, water and mains power.

They cost much more than manual pool rollers but for some, it is worth the extra expense.  There is a large variance in price due to the different types available.

Some are installed in a special box or hidden in the ground next to your pool and are fully automated. Some have tracks installed on the side of the pool to guide the cover into place.  And some are much like manual rollers the only difference being that they have a motor.

Automated Cover Rollers are best installed on pools that are square or rectangular in shape. They don’t work as well for kidney or free form shaped pools. Normally for these pool shapes, the user needs to guide the cover back onto the reel so a manual pool cover works best.

Automatic Pool Blanket Reel Prices:  $200 to $8000

Pros: Easier to use than manual systems – no manual work required, can look more seamless, especially hidden pool cover rollers.
Much more expensive, don’t work as well in free form or kidney shaped pools, installation is much more expensive.

Our Recommendation

As you can see costs of pool blanket rollers vary quite a lot. For the average pool owner, a good quality manual roller will be fine. Choose a model that has a handle and is easy to roll and is made from materials that won’t rust.

If your pool is more upmarket than average, you may consider an auto blanket roller worth the investment. They can look better and some seamlessly integrate into the pool surroundings.

One final word, if you have a pool cover and want to get the most from it, get a roller. You can buy them from your local pool shop or there are many places on the internet where you can buy one from.

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