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13 of the Best Pool Service Companies in Las Vegas, NV

Beat the unforgiving Las Vegas heat with a swimming pool. Pool service companies in the neighborhood ensure you can get your pool serviced throughout the year so you can entertain friends, family, and neighbors. This guide will look at 13 of the best pool service companies in Las Vegas, NV, for all your pool needs.

Las Vegas, NV

Our Top 13 Pool Service Companies in Las Vegas, NV

1) Splash Pool Service and Repair

Address: 5445 Reflex Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89156

Pool Services: Repairs (automation, energy-efficient pumps, variable speed motors, lights, plumbing, heaters, and filters), tile cleaning, filter acid washing, filter cleaning, draining and acid washing, draining and cleaning, and pool draining 

Years in Business: 45+

Reviews: 179 Google reviews (4.5 stars), 201 Yelp reviews (4 stars)

Prices: N/A

Splash Pool Service and Repair has served Las Vegas for more than 40 years (the company was founded in 1978). They made our list due to their extensive services, awesome reputation, and commitment to cleaner pools. You can even learn how to clean your pool through them.

2) Corwin Pool Service Inc.

Address: 10917 Salford Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

Pool Services: Weekly third-party repairs, weekly pool maintenance

Years in Business: 18

Reviews: 85 Google reviews (4.8 stars), 123 Yelp reviews (4.5 stars)

Prices: $25+

Corwin Pool Services stands out for its award-winning services and trustworthiness. Serving Vegas since 2000, Corwin offers free estimates for pool services. Corwin will take care of weekly pool maintenance, so you don’t have to.

3) Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance LLC

Address: 7620 West Azure Drive, Suite 140-1, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Pool Services: Pool draining, one-time cleaning, filter cleaning, draining and chlorine, draining and acid washing, and premium full service

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: 64 Google reviews (4.8 stars), 40 Yelp reviews (5 stars)

Prices: N/A

The family-owned Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance LLC is insured and licensed. They believe in commitment, safety, integrity, and honesty. The staff is sticklers for maintaining appointment times to clean your pool, and they’ll close your backyard gate when they’re finished. You can create a customized pool-cleaning plan to suit your needs.

4) Clean Living Pool and Spa, LLC

Address: 7495 West Azure Drive, Suite 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Pool Services: Pool consulting, pool repair, pool maintenance, and weekly pool service

Years in Business: 11

Reviews: 136 Google reviews (4.9 stars), 42 Yelp reviews (4.5 stars)

Prices: $75+

With transparent pricing, a sterling reputation, and exemplary service, Clean Living Pool and Spa, LLC rightfully find its place on this list. The company was founded in 2012, so it might be the new kid on the block, but the staff at this pool service company have more than 30 years of experience.

5) Mott’s Pools

Address: 1420 Danielle Rebecca Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89086

Pool Services: Algae removal, tile cleaning, residential pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool repairs, and realtor pool cleaning 

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: 21 Google reviews (4.5 stars), seven Yelp reviews (4.5 stars)

Prices: N/A

The family-owned Mott’s Pool is all about building customer relationships, as the team knows that serving one’s pool means taking care of their property. We put this pool cleaner on our list due to their unerring dedication to customer satisfaction, which is clear in all they do for their audience.

6) Nearby Pool Service

Address: 1317 Date Palm Circle, Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

Pool Services: Equipment examinations, emptying the pool sweep bag, emptying the pump basket and skimmer, commercial grade vacuuming, brushing the pool walls and floor, brushing pool tile, debris removal, scum protection, chemical testing, algae cleaning, seasonal startups, weekly maintenance, chlorine acid washing, filter cleaning, and chemical balancing

Years in Business: 5+

Reviews: 13 Google reviews (5 stars), 41 Yelp reviews (5 stars)

Prices: N/A

A five-star swimming pool service with an extensive services list, Nearby Pool Service is staffed by experts with years of specialty experience. You can even count on Nearby Pool Services to install and repair filters, mechanical timers, variable speed pumps, pool heaters, booster pumps, and more.

7) Alchemist Pool Service

Address: 3296 Meade Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Pool Services: Weekly service and repairs

Years in Business: 10+

Reviews: 57 Google reviews (3 stars), 145 Yelp reviews (3 stars)

Prices: $110+

Keeping your pool clean needn’t be difficult when you can call on Alchemist Pool Service. Established in 1992, this company will come by and offer partial or full service depending on how much time and access to equipment you have. You can also call Alchemist if you have issues with your pool lights, plumbing, valves, pumps, timers, filters, or motors.

8) Rebel Pool Service

Address: 4894 West Lone Mountain Road, #330, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Pool Services: Chlorine washing, acid washing, algae treatment, filter cleaning, and weekly maintenance, which includes equipment inspections, emptying baskets, vacuuming the pool floor, cleaning the pool surface, and brushing the walls and tiles

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: Four Google reviews (4.8 stars), 14 Yelp reviews (4 stars)

Prices: N/A

Rebel Pool Service is a licensed, insured, bonded company that calls itself a “one-stop shop for all your pool needs.” You can rely on Rebel staff to come out every week to take care of maintenance, with month-to-month service and no long-term commitment. You have many payment options to choose from to suit your needs.

9) Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services LLC

Address: 8550 West Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Pool Services: Pool and spa repairs (lights, pump motor, pop-up head, and more), pool automation system maintenance, pool and spa accessories (installation of leaf baskets, pool pump baskets, skimmer baskets, chlorine dispensers and floaters, and automatic pool cleaners), pool and spa maintenance (pool draining, chlorine washing, acid washing, monthly chemical adjustments, and pool cleaning)

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: N/A

Prices: N/A

Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services LLC serves Summerlin, Henderson, Las Vegas, and the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Although we would prefer more information about this company, its extensive list of pool services makes it worth trying. You can also work with Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services if you have a spa.

10) Top Notch Pool Service Las Vegas

Address: 25 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Pool Services: Winterization, water treatments, wall brushing, vacuuming, tile brushing, swimming pool summarization, netting, leaf traps, and filter cleaning

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: Six Google reviews (4.3 stars)

Prices: N/A

The family-owned Top Notch Pool Service has a name with a reputation that precedes itself. Its variety of services, high-quality reviews, and professionalism make this a pool company that Las Vegas residents continually come back to. Top Notch Pool Service is open seven days a week, so you can always have a clean pool.

11) Nationwide Pool

Address: 3111 South Valley View Boulevard, Suite B 208, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 

Pool Services: Pool remodeling and building, pool maintenance, and pool cleaning

Years in Business: 40+

Reviews: 59 Google reviews (3.5 stars)

Prices: N/A

Nationwide Pool has served in Las Vegas since 1981, offering an extensive array of services, so we had to include them here. Besides the standard pool maintenance and cleaning, Nationwide Pool can build a new swimming pool in Las Vegas and remodel an existing one to renew its appeal and increase property value.

12) Tiger Shark Pool Service

Address: 10161 West Park Run Drive, Suite 150, Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

Pool Services: Clearing clogged lines, equipment repair, water conditioning, filter cleaning, pool inspections, chlorine washing, algae treatments, pool draining, weekly maintenance (including checking for pool issues, vacuuming, dumping the pump basket and skimmer basket, brushing the pool tile, skimming, and balancing pool chemicals)

Years in Business: N/A

Reviews: 27 Google Reviews (4.8 stars), 13 Yelp reviews (4 stars)

Prices: N/A

Tiger Shark Pool Service built its business on professionalism, striving to give you a clean pool you can enjoy without the headache of maintaining it. The company has a lengthy list of services and offers free estimates. Tiger Shark serves Henderson and Las Vegas.

13)  J & S Pool Service

Address: 8370 Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

Pool Services: Plumbing, pool repairs, chlorine washing, acid washing, tile repairs, pool tile cleaning, and monthly pool service

Years in Business: 10+

Reviews: Seven Google reviews (3.6 stars), nine Yelp reviews (4.5 stars)

Prices: N/A

J & S operates on these foundational pillars: expertise, reliability, and quality. The team of experts behind the company invites you to prioritize your pool service through top-notch professionals who can transform the look of your pool and keep it clean, cool, and alluring all year long.

How Much Do Pool Services Cost in Las Vegas, NV?

concrete pool under construction
Concrete inground pool under construction

Pool services in Las Vegas, NV, start at a reasonable price of around $30 and can cost around $250 or up. Most swimming pool companies price cleaning, maintenance, and more on a per-service basis, so the more you need, the higher your bill will be.

However, with flexible payments, month-by-month service, and contract-free commitments, you can easily pause and later resume pool services if necessary.

We recommend comparing service prices to find the right pool company for you in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the companies we reviewed didn’t list their costs on their website, so call or email to request a quote.

What Services Do Pool Companies in Las Vegas, NV, Offer?

Whether your pool needs a little help or substantial work, you can rely on pool service companies in Las Vegas, NV to renew its clarity. Here are some of the services you can expect these companies to offer:

  • Pool skimming to remove surface debris
  • Pool wall, liner, and floor cleaning
  • Pool tile cleaning
  • Emptying skimmer traps
  • Chlorine washing
  • Acid washing
  • Chemical testing
  • Chemical rebalancing, including pH and chlorine
  • Green to clean, which is identifying and removing algae sources from the pool
  • Winterization
  • Summarization
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool draining and refilling
  • Pool part repairs
  • Pool building
  • Pool remodeling

Why Hire a Pro Pool Service Company in Las Vegas, NV?

man fixing leaking pipes
Pool technician fixing leaking pipes

Hiring a pool pro service company in Las Vegas, NV, has many advantages, including the following:

  • Convenience: Managing a pool is tough, especially all year ‘round, as is common in Las Vegas. A pool service company takes some of the work off your plate so you can spend more time relaxing in the pool.
  • Expertise: Pool service companies in Las Vegas, NV understand swimming pools inside and out. They can tackle jobs you might have struggled with and keep your pool clean month after month.
  • Reliability: You can count on a pool service company to visit your property as scheduled to maintain your pool so you don’t have to. Your pool will never go too long without cleaning, so it’s always usable.

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