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How much does a Pool Cover cost?

Researching and costing a pool cover is the first step towards getting a pool cover. I’m glad you’ve taken it. A pool cover will make your pool more enjoyable to swim in and will give you warmer water, will reduce your running costs and also reduce your cleaning time.

So, let’s get started……

There are Several Pool Covers and They Cost Different Amounts

There are several different types of pool covers. I’ll list out the cost of pool covers in Australia and a few basics of each type.

Solar Pool Covers or Bubble Covers Cost

solar-pool-cover-bubbles These are the most common kinds of pool covers on the market. Also known as “bubble blankets” or “bubble covers”, because they look like a large piece of bubble wrap. They’re economical and give your many of the benefits of their more expensive relative, the thermal pool cover.

One major benefit over a thermal cover, aside from the cost, is that these covers will actually heat the water and not just retain it. Being translucent, the sun’s rays can penetrate these covers to warm the water, where a thermal pool cover can only keep the heat that is already in the water.

Solar pool blankets cost from $150 to $700 for a domestic or residential swimming pool.

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Thermal Pool Covers Cost

thermal-pool-cover These are also known as thermal pool blankets andare arguably are nicer to look at. These covers cost significantly more than solar pool covers. They are made from foam like material and keep your pool water warmer by greatly reducing evaporation and also insulating the water.

If your budget allows these are a great choice if you have a heated pool and spend a lot of money on heating.

Thermal pool covers cost from $900 to $1700.

Debris or Leaf Covers Cost

Also known as mesh covers, unlike thermal and solar covers, these covers are designed to only keep the leaves out. They don’t warm the water or greatly reduce evaporation.

They are far more effective at keeping leaves out of a pool. Whilst they keep a lot of the dust, they won’t keep it all out. You’ll still need to run your filter pump, but you can reduce the running time.

The cost of a debris or leave pool cover is $1,500 to $3,900.

Slat & Rigid Pool Covers Cost

automatic-cover Many people think rigid pool covers are the best. They superbly insulate and reduce debris in your pool. Normally they are automated too. They look attractive and last much longer than other pool covers.

These are the most expensive type of pool cover and they need to be installed by a professional. Tracks on the side of your pool allow these covers to open and close. They are best suited to pools with straight sides. Although, for free forma and kidney shaped pools, they can be installed on top of the pool using rails.

They are also very safe as an adult can stand on them.

Slat & rigid pool covers cost from $3,900 to $12,000.

Safety Net Pool Covers Cost

Pool safety nets are just like their name suggests, a net that goes over your pool and makes it safe. The net is made from chemically resistant material and is fitted over the top of a pool. A thermal or solar cover can be used at the same time and will fit underneath the net.

With many small children drowning each year in Australia, this product will give you peace of mind.

Safety pool net covers cost from $1,450 to $4,300.

I hope this gives you a good idea of the costings of pool covers in Australia. You can see it varies a lot depending on what you choose.

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