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9 thoughts on “Contact Us – My Perfect Pool”

  1. Hi Adrian,
    I’m confused about your 2 different post on supplementing Trichlor tablets with Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite. In one post, you mention its not safe to mix the 2 different chemicals because of dangerous gases and etc. and in the other you mention it works good during the summer to add a trichlor tablet to help supplement the liquid chlorine while not raising the CYA too much. Can you explain? Or am I reading this wrong?

    • Don’t mix different types of concentrated chlorine together. And don’t use different types of chlorine in a chlorinator, floater or dispenser. The residue could mix and cause a dangerous reaction. However, it is fine to add one type of chlorine to a pool, e.g. liquid chlorine, and when mix, add another type e.g. trichlor tablets. Just not both at the same time.

  2. Why, if you cannot/should not mix different kinds of chlorine in a pool, would a popular swimming pool supply tell you to shock with Cal/hypo shock or Dichlor and use floating Trichlor tablets?

    • Do you mean pump? If you just replaced your pump, did you replace it with a larger one? If that’s the case, it may be drawing too much current for your circuit. In which case you need to upgrade the circuit (wiring and breaker).

  3. Hi I just read a great article from Adrian on pool lights. I am not able to be a customer but hoping you could help me. My 3 year old LED pool light stopped working. I called an electrician and he replaced the transmitter. He did a test on the old one. Then when we turned on the pool light we looked it for about 2 minutes and you could see smoke bubbles rising up from the light out of the water. I ran to the switch and turned it off. 2h later my husband came home and we through we should give it another go. It just started to smoke again so I turned it off. Sparkie said remove it and strip back the wires and reconnect them. Do you have any insight to this problem. Sorry I am picking your bran you can just ignore me. But hoping on a little information. Your article said when transformers go the light and wink out. Does this mean chuck it. Safety and $ are both concerns but if its just a matter of reconnecting the wires fresh and taping them up and all good Ill do this. Cheers.

    • Smoking usually means a blown component or a short circuit. Check if the wires of the light are connected properly. The bare wire should only touch the terminal. It could also mean that the wrong transformer was used but if the electrician checked this, it probably isn’t that. In all likelihood, you have a faulty light which will require replacing.

  4. Hi
    We have recently had our pebblecrete pool resurfaced with fibreglass and the step has spa holes. The spa worked well until after the restoration but now some holes obviously have some debris from the resurfacing that are preventing the spa blower from working as well and if you leave the spa blower on for more than a few minutes it gets really hot. We gently stuck a blunt metal skewer down to see and some holes are going further down than others. Do you know if we should poke into the blockage to release the blockage and then turn on the blower to flush this out? Or is this too risky? We are not sure how far under the steps that the equipment would sit, but I thought at least we could go down as far as the metal skewer safely (the skewer is 13cm). Any advice please?

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