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How to Change ONGA BR-9000 Pool Filter

generic filter element P2158 Changing an ONGA BR-900 Pool Filter Cartridge is simplicity itself.  Here are the steps.

  1. First of all, turn off the pump and wait until you hear it has fully stopped running.
  2. Release the pressure from the filter system by opening the air bleed located on the filter lid.
  3. Close all the filter system valves.
  4. Remove the clamp that secures the filter lid.
  5. Remove the filter lid.
  6. Lift up the pool filter cartridge, and remove it from the filter cartridge housing.
  7. Replace the old pool filter cartridge with the new pool filter cartridge.
  8. Make sure that the pool filter cartridge is correctly in position and properly seated.
  9. Before putting the filter lid back on, make sure that the O-ring and it’s sealing surface are both clean, correctly positioned, and in place.
  10. Put the filter lid back on.
  11. Put the filter lid clamp back on.
  12. Open all the filter system valves.
  13. Bleed the air from the system.
  14. Restart the pump.

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