7 Reasons Not to Get a Pool Cover

Worried about global warming?  Scared of killer bees?  Think clouds are controlled by Extra Terrestrials?  These are all good reasons not to get a pool cover.  At least, so we’re told… Much has been written about the benefits of pool covers – how they keep leaves and debris out of your pool, how they prevent … Read more

Pool Heating Cost

When selecting a pool heating system, a lot depends on your relationship with your wallet. For the lowdown on the costs of swimming pool heating, read on.

Underwater LED Pool Lights – A short guide

LED pool lighting is revolutionising the way we light our pools – and, indeed, the entire art of pool lighting. But what are they, how do they work and, most importantly of all, what do they cost? Want to know? Read on…

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners for 2014

With new types, models, and upgrades of automatic pool cleaners every year, it’s hard to know the one best for you and your pool. So we’ve picked our Top 10 for 2014. To see more, read on. Suction Cleaners The PoolCleaner by Poolvergnuegen A very efficient and inexpensive suction cleaner, the PoolCleaner runs off your … Read more

Cost to Install an LED Pool Light

In this article we run through costs, prices and everything else involved to replace your old halogen pool light with a brand new underwater LED pool light.