How to Dissolve Pool Stabilizer | Stabilizer Not Dissolving


So you’ve just tested your pool water and found you have low cyanuric acid. And now you need to know how to dissolve pool stabilizer to raise cyanuric acid. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. If you’ve added chlorine stabilizer to your pool water then you may already know that stabilizer is slow … Read more

Cyanuric Acid Low in Pool | How To Raise Cyanuric Acid

Low cyanuric acid in your pool is something you should definitely deal with. Although it doesn’t pose any health risks, not to bother fixing low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) will cost you money. Cyanuric acid (also known as cya, chlorine stabilizer, pool stabilizer and pool sunscreen) is an essential chemical in your pool that protects your … Read more

How to Lower Cyanuric Acid in Pool (Cyanuric Acid Too High)


If you’ve just tested your pool water and found high cyanuric acid levels and you’re not sure how to lower cyanuric acid in your pool, I’ve got you covered in this article. And if you’re having a problem where the cyanuric acid level keeps going up or stays high, I’ll help you solve that too.  … Read more

Flocculant for Pools – How to Use Pool Flocculants

swimming in the pool

What is Pool Flocculant? Pool flocculant is a chemical that when added to water clumps together particles sending them to the bottom of the pool where they can then be vacuumed. It works by clumping together particles suspended in the pool water, which are too small to be caught in the filter. By clumping them … Read more

Pool Clarifier: How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

cloudy swimming pool

So you’ve heard that pool water clarifier could clear your cloudy pool water. Good news! Clarifier will clear mild to moderate cloudiness in your pool with minimal effort so you can have your water sparkly and clear in no time. How to Clear Up a Cloudy Pool Water Using Clarifier – Summary For those wanting … Read more

Can Too Much Chlorine Make Pool Water Cloudy?

It’s a common mistake. You over-do the chlorine, the next thing you know your pool water has turned cloudy! So how do you know if too much chlorine has resulted in the pool water clouding or some other reason? And once you discover the cause of cloudy pool water, how do you remedy it? Firstly, … Read more