My Perfect Pool – About Us

The people that come to us love their backyard. It’s an oasis for them. A place where they can lounge about with a paper and a coffee, take a quick dip in the pool or have friends over for a barbie.

To make your yard an oasis, you need a perfect pool. The perfect pool starts with one thing. Warm Water!

Making pools warmer is what we love to do. It’s the only thing we do. And we’re the best at it. Which is why we will give you your money back if your pool is not warmer after installing our AquaBlanket pool cover system.  Yes we believe in our product and service that much.  On top of that, we offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty with all of our products.

The AquaBlanket Cover System has:

  • Made over 1451 Australian pools warmer
  • Increased the swimming season by an average of 31 days for 1451 Australian pools
  • Saved the average Australian $596.30 EACH year on pool running costs

“My hope is that our pool cover systems will make your pool much warmer and more enjoyable to swim in. And at the same time, take the hard work out of cleaning and maintaining it.” 


My Perfect Pool