Is Muriatic Acid the Same as Cyanuric Acid? What’s the Difference?

Modern Swimming Pool

If you’ve owned a pool for any length of time you’ll likely already know that muriatic acid and cyanuric acid are both common chemicals used in swimming pools. But is muriatic acid the same as cyanuric acid? And what’s the difference between cyanuric acid and muriatic acid? In this article we’ll explain what muriatic acid … Read more

How to Lower the pH in your Pool

If the pH is too high in your pool, you are only one of many dealing with this problem. This is why we’ve identified the top strategies on how to lower the pH in your pool just in time for the summer season ahead. Of the many things you need to consider when preparing your … Read more

Do pool covers really heat the water?

Some manufacturers claim an 8 degrees Celsius increase in water temperature after installing a pool blanket. We explore how pool covers heat your pool water.

Best Above Ground Pool Slides – 2021 Review of Top Slides

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How to Close Above Ground Pool | Easy Way to Winterize

How To Open An Above Ground Pool

How to Close Above Ground Pool Yup, it’s that time again. The time to close and winterize your above ground pool.  The time to prepare your pool for winter. It happens every year. The leaves start changing color, the days start getting shorter, the air starts feeling cooler. All of a sudden, the idea of … Read more

How to Get Sand Out of a Pool

Kids Playing With Sand - How To Get Sand Out of the Pool

I admit the absolute worst place to have an excess of sand is at the bottom of your swimming pool. So if you’ve come here looking for how to get sand out of your pool, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s a scene in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones in which Hayden … Read more