Pool Test Strips – How to Use Them

Pool test strips these days are taking over from traditional drop or liquid pool water testing kits. We show all you need to know about test strips.

Cyanuric Acid for Pools – The Complete Guide for Pool Owners


Wondering what cyanuric acid for pools is and how to use it? Cyanuric acid for pools is an essential chemical for chlorinated or salt water pools. It’s one of the key chemicals that every pool owner should know about and use. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what exactly cyanuric acid does and how to use it? … Read more

Could Your Swimming Pool Be Earning You Money?

House with a Swimming Pool at dusk

We all know pools can cost you a tonne of money to run. Not to mention your initial investment which is usually in the thousands of dollars. So is there a way to recoup the running cost of a swimming pool? Can you rent out your swimming pool and earn an extra income? Could your … Read more

Cyanuric Acid Low in Pool | How To Raise Cyanuric Acid

Low cyanuric acid in your pool is something you should definitely deal with. Although it doesn’t pose any health risks, not to bother fixing low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) will cost you money. Cyanuric acid (also known as cya, chlorine stabilizer, pool stabilizer and pool sunscreen) is an essential chemical in your pool that protects your … Read more

How to Lower Cyanuric Acid in Pool (Cyanuric Acid Too High)


If you’ve just tested your pool water and found high cyanuric acid levels and you’re not sure how to lower cyanuric acid in your pool, I’ve got you covered in this article. And if you’re having a problem where the cyanuric acid level keeps going up or stays high, I’ll help you solve that too.  … Read more

Low PH in Pool: How to Raise

Here’s a quick guide on how make the pH level of your swimming pool higher. We also review using sodium carbonate and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).