Sand Coming Out When Backwashing or Rinsing (Answered!)

Filter Sand

When you notice sand coming out of the backwash hose or outlet while backwashing or rinsing your pool, it’s an indication that there’s an internal problem with your sand filter. So why does this happen how do you fix it? That’s what this post addresses. So let’s dive in. Why is Sand Coming Out When … Read more

What to Use for Pool Equipment Pad & Best Practices

pool equipment

You’ve chosen what filter type to use and what other pool equipment you want to include with your pool. But, what do you use to sit all of that equipment on? And what’s the best way to set up your pool equipment? The most common pool pads to use include poured concrete slabs, pavers, stone, … Read more

Genuine vs Generic Salt Water Chlorinator Cells


So the time has come to replace your chlorinator cell and you find yourself in the conundrum facing every pool owner: do I go for the genuine or generic? You’ve seen the price differences (up to 50% in places!) and it’s impossible not to be seduced. The question is, does this cost saving come with … Read more

Saltwater Chlorinator Cell Constantly Clogs Up (Solved!)

salt chlorinator cell

Having a salt water chlorinator cell constantly clog up can spell a lot of trouble. The water clarity in your pool will suffer. But what is the cause of this? The chief cause for your salt water chlorinator clogging up can be due to calcium buildup. This can cause your pool to cloud up and … Read more

13 Reasons Why Saltwater Generator IS Not Working or Generating Chlorine


The saltwater chlorine generator (aka chlorinator or salt generator) in your pool is designed to supply the needed chlorine to sanitize the pool water. If the chlorine generator isn’t producing chlorine or isn’t producing enough chlorine, then something is wrong. Today, we are going to discuss 13 common reasons your saltwater chlorine generator (SWG) isn’t … Read more

What’s the Best Pool Filter? Sand vs. Cartridge vs. DE

Sand Vs DE Vs Cartridge Filters

Your pool needs a filter for to clean the water, but you had never realized there were so many types of pool filters available. When comparing a sand filter to a cartridge filter and one with diatomaceous earth or DE, which is the best filter? There’s no one best type of pool filter between sand, … Read more

Dirt Returning to Pool (Through Jets When Vacuuming or Backwashing)

After spending the afternoon vacuuming and backwashing your pool you notice dirt coming back out through the jets starting to settle at the bottom of the pool. And if you’re like most people, it’s pretty frustrating. Reasons why dirt might return to your pool through the jets during vacuuming or after backwashing include not rinsing … Read more

How to Prime a Pool Pump (Above Ground & Inground Pool)

pool pump

Priming a pool pump is something every pool owner will need to do every now and again. If you’ve just opened the pool from winter, installed a new pool or a new piece of pool equipment or drained the pool, then you’ll have to prime the pump before starting it again. Luckily, it’s an easy … Read more