What to Do About Your Neighbor’s Noisy Pool Pump & Your Rights

swimming pool pump

The noise from a pool’s pump is usually disturbing. Even more disturbing is when the noise comes from your neighbor’s pool pump. But don’t worry. This post reveals ways to get rid of the noise problem and enjoy some peace and quiet.  You have 3 options when dealing with a neighbour’s noisy pool pump:  1. … Read more

20 Ways to Keep Iguanas out of pool (Get Rid of Iguanas)

You’re tired of skimming iguanas out of the pool every other day. Your kids don’t even want to use the pool anymore because of all the iguana poop in there. What are the best methods for keeping iguanas out of the pool. In this extensive guide, we’ll elaborate on the above steps so you have … Read more

5 ways to Dispose of Muriatic Acid for Pool (Safely)


So you’ve just used muriatic acid (aka Hydrochloric Acid – HCL) for your pool and have some left over. What do you do with it after you’ve finished? Can you just put it down the drain? This article will give you five ways on how best to dispose of Muriatic Acid safely, without harming you, … Read more

Is it OK to Fill a Pool With Well Water? (Answered!)

deep well

As a pool owner, you might wonder if you can fill your pool with well water. You can but there is more to know about it and this article digs right into the topic.  So, let’s dive in.  Is Well Water Safe To Use In A Pool? It is safe to use well water in … Read more

Can I Add Muriatic Acid All at Once? | How to Safely Add


So you’ve just done a pH test and your water is too alkaline. You know you need to get that pH down before it damages the filtration system, or becomes a safety risk, and you’ve heard that muriatic acid is a great way to do that. But how? Can you just add it all at … Read more

5 Ways to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean (Best Tips from a Dad)

kiddie pool

To beat the summer heat, you bought a kiddie pool and instantly became your kids’ favorite parent. After days and days of consecutive use, the pool is starting to get a little dirty. How do you clean a kiddie pool and keep it that way? Here’s a summary of the best tips from real dads … Read more

How to Clean Pool Cartridge Filter (Using Muriatic Acid)

Pool cartridge filter

Having a clean pool relies heavily on clean filter cartridges. The problem is, cartridge filter cleaning methods, like hosing, don’t deep clean a filter. But not to worry, this post reveals how you can easily clean your pool’s cartridge filter with muriatic acid. Let’s dive in.  How To Clean Pool Cartridge Filter(S) Using Muriatic Acid  … Read more

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