Can You Use Bleach or Clorox in a Pool? Is it Cheaper?

Clorox Performance Bleach

Many pool owners want to know if you can use bleach or Clorox to sanitize your pool. It’s a common question and one that is more than a simple yes or no answer. It is important to know what exactly bleach is before you put it in your pool.  Household bleach, Clorox and liquid chlorine … Read more

Liquid Chlorine Vs Tablets – What’s Better for Your Pool?

Liquid Chlorine Vs Tablets

When choosing between liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets for your pool sanitation needs, the choice can be a bit confusing. Both products will chlorinate your pool, but is one a better choice than the other? We dive in and find out.  Liquid chlorine is preferred over chlorine tablets by pool professionals however home swimming pools … Read more

How to Clean Duck, Geese or Bird Poop Out of Pool

Imagine you’re planning on having a relaxing summer day in your pool, but then you see it’s full of floating bird poop. We’ve all been there. An outdoor pool seems like an open invitation for birds to use the water as a toilet.  In this article, we’ll share a detailed guide on how you can … Read more

Best Pool Depth for Jumping Rock (3 Builders Weigh In)

You’ve decided it would be a whole lot of fun to have a jumping rock for your swimming pool. Since this will be your first jumping rock, you have no idea what the appropriate depth for your pool should be. How deep must your swimming pool go? The depth of a swimming pool with a … Read more

Best Pool Depth for a Pool Slide (3 Builders Weigh In)

The kids have been begging you for a pool slide for several summers now. You want to be Superdad and make their summer, but if you’re going to get a pool slide installed, you need to do it right. What pool depth is required for a slide? If your swimming pool slide is designed for … Read more

How to Undo a Stuck Pool Pump Lid Without Breaking It

pool pump lid

Is the strainer lid of your pool pump stuck? Have you tried draining off the pressure and even attempted brutal methods but the little guy is staying put? It must be frustrating, but we have a solution for you. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to undo your tight … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Full of Mud or Dirt (Quickly)

muddy and dirty swimming pool

Have you ever watched dark clouds gather before a storm, and you shudder when you imagine the state in which your pool will be left when the rains subside, and the skies clear up? Storms and rain bring mud and dirt into your pool and it’s every pool owner’s nightmare.  Here, we make it easy … Read more

Should You Use Stabilized or Unstabilized Chlorine?


For pool owners chlorinating their pools, it can be hard to know if stabilized or unstabilized chlorine should be used. It is an important decision and choosing the wrong one for your situation can lead to more headaches than solutions.   Read on to find out if you should be using stabilized or unstabilized chlorine in … Read more