What’s the Best Pool Filter? Sand vs. Cartridge vs. DE

Sand Vs DE Vs Cartridge Filters

Your pool needs a filter for to clean the water, but you had never realized there were so many types of pool filters available. When comparing a sand filter to a cartridge filter and one with diatomaceous earth or DE, which is the best filter? There’s no one best type of pool filter between sand, … Read more

Dirt Returning to Pool (Through Jets When Vacuuming or Backwashing)

After spending the afternoon vacuuming and backwashing your pool you notice dirt coming back out through the jets starting to settle at the bottom of the pool. And if you’re like most people, it’s pretty frustrating. Reasons why dirt might return to your pool through the jets during vacuuming or after backwashing include not rinsing … Read more

How to Prime a Pool Pump (Above Ground & Inground Pool)

pool pump

Priming a pool pump is something every pool owner will need to do every now and again. If you’ve just opened the pool from winter, installed a new pool or a new piece of pool equipment or drained the pool, then you’ll have to prime the pump before starting it again. Luckily, it’s an easy … Read more

How to Replace a Spider Gasket in Multiport Valve

multiport valve sand filter

The spider gasket, also known as the spoke gasket or seal is located in a pool filter’s multiport valve. It’s a common cause for water leaks from the filter or poor filtering performance. In this article we’ll show you how to inspect it, clean it or replace it. It’s an easy job any DIYer can … Read more

7 Tips to Prevent Pool Filters Exploding

pool filter

Now that you’ve gotten your pool set up and running smoothly, your attention turns to maintaining your pool. One of the most important elements you need to monitor and care for is your pool filter. These filters operate under high pressure to function properly, but they are at risk of exploding if defective or improperly … Read more

How to Fix A Pool Filter Leaking From Backwash Hose or Outlet

Diagram showing pool filter sight glass, backwash outlet and multiport valve.

Water should only come out of the backwash line (waste outline) when the multiport valve is set to backwash. If you notice pool water flowing out of a backwash hose when the multiport valve is on any other setting but backwash, it’s an indication of a leak. So how do you spot the cause of … Read more

Can You Run Your Pool Pump With The Swimming Pool Cover On?

Keeping your pool pump running helps the pool to function properly by circulating water through the pool components. But can you run the pool pump with the pool cover on? And is it safe to do so? This post reveals the answers to these questions and more. So let’s dig in. Is It Safe To … Read more

When Is the Best Time to Heat Your Pool? Day or Night?

Summer always goes by too quickly. In the colder months to follow, you wistfully glance at your pool and dream of the warmer season. A pool heater allows you to keep your pool open longer, potentially all year. When heating your pool, is it better to do it during the day or at night? Heating … Read more