Pool Clarifier: How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

cloudy swimming pool

So you’ve heard that pool water clarifier could clear your cloudy pool water. Good news! Clarifier will clear mild to moderate cloudiness in your pool with minimal effort so you can have your water sparkly and clear in no time. How to Clear Up a Cloudy Pool Water Using Clarifier – Summary For those wanting … Read more

How To Open An Inground Swimming Pool In 8 Steps

How To Open An Inground Pool

The weather is heating up and it’s time to open your inground pool. If you are new to opening a pool for the summer, this is for you. We show you how to easily open your inground pool so you can dive into the swimming season. Let’s get started! By the way, if you have … Read more

How To Open An Above Ground Swimming Pool Step-By-Step

How to open an above ground pool for the summer

Opening an above ground pool doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure you could pay someone to do it for you, or you could save your money and follow these steps. And once you know the process, you will easily be able to open your above ground swimming pool for the summer. So let’s dive in – … Read more

How To Shock A Swimming Pool For Beginners (In 6 Easy Steps)

Beautiful Swimming Pool

You might have just installed a swimming pool, moved into a rental property with a pool or purchased a new property with a swimming pool. Either way, now you need to know how to maintain it. One important pool maintenance requirement is to shock your pool. But how do you do that and what does … Read more

Can Too Much Chlorine Make Pool Water Cloudy?

It’s a common mistake. You over-do the chlorine, the next thing you know your pool water has turned cloudy! So how do you know if too much chlorine has resulted in the pool water clouding or some other reason? And once you discover the cause of cloudy pool water, how do you remedy it? Firstly, … Read more

Best Giant Pool Floats

Flamingo Float

Summer pool fun could not be easier with giant pool floats. There are many great options out there. We’ve done the research and narrowed the search down for you with some great recommendations. The best giant pool floats are great for parties, BBQs with friends or just relaxing on your own, with enough room to … Read more

Outdoor Furniture For Your Pool Deck

House with pool and chairs

No swimming pool is complete without decking out your swimming pool outdoor living area with outdoor furniture. Here you’ll find the latest outdoor furniture. We’ve put together our top picks to ensure your pool really is an oasis this summer. From sun lounges to resort-style daybeds, outdoor furniture means you’ll love spending time by your … Read more