Swimming Pool & Spa Electrical Requirements in New York State

Electrician fixing electrical wirings of the hot tub.

Whether you’ve just started your research or are in the middle of installing a swimming pool or hot tub in New York state, you’ll likely know that there are laws, codes, regulations, and requirements that must be met, for the electrical systems. In this article, we’ll review and try to simplify the current electrical requirements … Read more

What Gauge or Thickness Wire Does a Pool Pump Need?

Pool hot tub wire gauge chart

If you’re installing a new swimming pool, you’ll need to run power to the pump. With a lot of different size cables and wires available, you may be unsure of what thickness you need to run for your pool pump. The National Electrical Code (NEC) states the minimum wire gauge (thickness) for pool pumps is … Read more

How to Properly and Safely Dispose of Chlorine

Outside of putting it in their swimming pools, many pool owners are unsure what to do with leftover (or old) chlorine. Others don’t have a pool anymore, but they have chlorine they want to get rid of. How do you safely get the chlorine off your property? To dispose of fresh, unused chlorine, take the … Read more