Sand in Sight Glass (When Backwashing Pool Sand Filter)

Pool sight glass for backwashing.

If you’re struggling with sand in sight glass when backwashing your pool sand filter, this is just the article for you. Like many pool owners with a sand filtering system, a common phenomenon is getting sand in the sight glass. But don’t stress. Did you know, there are more pools in the U.S than there … Read more

How to Lower the pH in your Pool

If the pH is too high in your pool, you are only one of many dealing with this problem. This is why we’ve identified the top strategies on how to lower the pH in your pool just in time for the summer season ahead. Of the many things you need to consider when preparing your … Read more

How to Get Sand Out of a Pool

Kids Playing With Sand - How To Get Sand Out of the Pool

I admit the absolute worst place to have an excess of sand is at the bottom of your swimming pool. So if you’ve come here looking for how to get sand out of your pool, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s a scene in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones in which Hayden … Read more

How to Dissolve Pool Stabilizer | Stabilizer Not Dissolving


So you’ve just tested your pool water and found you have low cyanuric acid. And now you need to know how to dissolve pool stabilizer to raise cyanuric acid. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. If you’ve added chlorine stabilizer to your pool water then you may already know that stabilizer is slow … Read more

Cyanuric Acid Low in Pool | How To Raise Cyanuric Acid

Low cyanuric acid in your pool is something you should definitely deal with. Although it doesn’t pose any health risks, not to bother fixing low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) will cost you money. Cyanuric acid (also known as cya, chlorine stabilizer, pool stabilizer and pool sunscreen) is an essential chemical in your pool that protects your … Read more