Pool Pump Not Working After Power Outage or Rain

Pool booster pumps require a dedicated circuit breaker

You may discover that your pool pump isn’t working after a power outage, and you may start to feel a little worried. There are a few reasons why a pool pump may not fire up after a power outage and we’ll go through them here. But not to worry, getting the pool pump back up … Read more

Why Your Pool Pump is Noisy and How to Fix It (Quiet it)

pool filter pump

It can be hard to ignore when your pool pump is being noisier than usual. In fact, it can be somewhat scary. If you are unsure of what the exact problem is, you may start to worry it could be something you can’t fix. But don’t stress, this article has all the reasons why your … Read more

5 Alternatives to Acid Washing Your Pool (Remove Stains)

acid washing pool

There’s no doubt stains on your pool are unsightly. They might even deter people swimming in it. By now you’ve probably Googled “how to get rid of stains in a pool”. And the number one method which comes up is often acid washing. But, before you rush out to your yard and acid wash your … Read more

What is Total Alkalinity in Pools | pH vs Alkalinity


Do you find yourself constantly scratching your head wondering what total alkalinity is? Better yet, do you wonder what the best range of alkalinity is for your swimming pool? Well, you’re not alone on this. Simply put, a swimming pool’s total alkalinity is the measure of carbonate and bicarbonate levels in the water. Alkalinity helps … Read more

Sand in Sight Glass (When Backwashing Pool Sand Filter)

Pool sight glass for backwashing.

If you’re struggling with sand in sight glass when backwashing your pool sand filter, this is just the article for you. Like many pool owners with a sand filtering system, a common phenomenon is getting sand in the sight glass. But don’t stress. Did you know, there are more pools in the U.S than there … Read more