How to Prime a Pool Pump (Above Ground & Inground Pool)

pool pump

Priming a pool pump is something every pool owner will need to do every now and again. If you’ve just opened the pool from winter, installed a new pool or a new piece of pool equipment or drained the pool, then you’ll have to prime the pump before starting it again. Luckily, it’s an easy … Read more

How to Fix A Pool Filter Leaking From Backwash Hose or Outlet

Diagram showing pool filter sight glass, backwash outlet and multiport valve.

Water should only come out of the backwash line (waste outline) when the multiport valve is set to backwash. If you notice pool water flowing out of a backwash hose when the multiport valve is on any other setting but backwash, it’s an indication of a leak. So how do you spot the cause of … Read more

How to Bleed Air From a Pool Filter (answered!)

Swimming Pool Multiport Valve

Having excess air in your pool filters puts your pool equipment at risk of damage due to restricted water flow. Luckily, this post reveals expert strategies to bleed air from your pool filters. Let’s dig in. When to Bleed Air from a Pool Filter A pool filter should be bled of air each time air … Read more

What is a Cyanuric Acid Reducer and Does It Work?

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

In the past, high levels of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in your swimming pool meant you would need to drain it to lower the levels. Not only is draining and refilling time-consuming, but it’s expensive too. Worry no more, improvements in water technology are changing the game. Getting a cyanuric acid reducer may become your new … Read more

What Happens When a Pool Overflows? Is it OK? (Answered!)

overflowing swimming pool water

A crucial part of pool maintenance is keeping the right amount of water in the pool, but this becomes difficult during heavy rainfall, floods, storms, and pools can overflow. So what is pool overflow? And how does it affect your pool? Let’s find out. What is Pool Overflow? Pool overflow refers to a situation when … Read more

Milky Pool Water: Is it OK to Swim and How to Clear It

Milky pool water can be a headache for pool owners, but it doesn’t have to be, as it can be fixed rather easily. The cause of milky water can usually be determined quickly and can be remedied in just a few steps. Milky pool water is not safe to swim in and can be caused … Read more

How To Clean a Pool After a Storm or Flood


Cleaning your pool after experiencing a storm or flood can seem an overwhelming task. So why and what’s the quickest and easiest way to clean your pool after a storm? Is your pool at risk of an overflow during a storm or flood? How do you deal with pool overflow? The answers to these questions … Read more

Pool Green After Shocking | How to Fix


Have you just shocked your pool or added a large dose of chlorine only to have the water turn green? First of all, don’t worry, it’s common for pools to turn green after shocking. In this article I’ll walk you through why your pool turned green after shocking and how to get your pool looking … Read more