Saltwater Chlorinator Cell Constantly Clogs Up (Solved!)

salt chlorinator cell

Having a salt water chlorinator cell constantly clog up can spell a lot of trouble. The water clarity in your pool will suffer. But what is the cause of this? The chief cause for your salt water chlorinator clogging up can be due to calcium buildup. This can cause your pool to cloud up and … Read more

How to Replace a Spider Gasket in Multiport Valve

multiport valve sand filter

The spider gasket, also known as the spoke gasket or seal is located in a pool filter’s multiport valve. It’s a common cause for water leaks from the filter or poor filtering performance. In this article we’ll show you how to inspect it, clean it or replace it. It’s an easy job any DIYer can … Read more

When Is the Best Time to Heat Your Pool? Day or Night?

Summer always goes by too quickly. In the colder months to follow, you wistfully glance at your pool and dream of the warmer season. A pool heater allows you to keep your pool open longer, potentially all year. When heating your pool, is it better to do it during the day or at night? Heating … Read more

When to Change the Sand in the Pool Filter (And the Risks)

Filter Sand

Is your pool water cloudy? You might have assumed your filter isn’t working at 100 percent efficiency. You figure that changing the pool filter sand is the best fix, but it likely isn’t. That’s not to say that the time won’t inevitably come when you should replace your pool filter sand. How often will that … Read more

When Do Pool Pipes Freeze & How to Prevent Freezing

frozen pool pipe

So it’s that time of year again. The weather is getting chilly and you are worried about your pool pipes freezing. One question common among pool owners is how long does it take for pipes to freeze solid? Another question is what temperature to close the pool? The answers to these questions and more will … Read more

How to Bleed the Air From Pool Lines

pool pump lid

When you’re reopening your pool after winter or have a brand new pool, it’s likely you’ll have air in the lines. You could also have air in the lines after doing some work on the pool equipment, like replacing the pump or filter. So to get rid of air from the pool lines and pipes, … Read more

How Long Should I run my Pool Pump After Shocking?

Shows a pool pump using a cartridge filter.

An often overlooked aspect for many pool owners is how long to run your pool filter after shocking your pool. It is a question a lot of pool owners have and a question that we have the answer to! A pool filter should be run for a minimum of 6 hours after shocking a swimming … Read more

Air Bubbles In Pool Or Pump | Causes and Dangers

Swimming pools are filled with water. So when you start to notice air in your pool or pool pump, it’s a sign that something is not right. So what does air in your pool or pump mean? How can you identify it? And how do you bleed the air? The answers to these questions and … Read more