How to Recharge or Refill DE in Pool Filter

Did you just backwash your DE filter and aren’t sure how to refill it? Or perhaps you just cleaned it out or have a new filter? The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) refill process is somewhat detailed, so we’ve outlined the most important facts in this article. Here’s the short answer. To refill a DE filter, measure … Read more

How to Unclog a Blocked Pool Skimmer Line

You might’ve noticed that your pool skimmer has been removing the water a little slower than usual. If you have, your pool skimmer line could be blocked, in which case we’ll show you why this might be as well as ways to fix the issue. There are several ways you can go about unclogging a … Read more

What is a Pool Skimmer Sock, and Do You Need One?

If you own a pool, you’ve likely experienced small debris floating in the pool. You’re using a skimmer and running your pump regularly, but that doesn’t seem to get everything. Adding a skimmer sock is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep your water cleaner. What is a Skimmer Sock? A pool skimmer sock … Read more

How to Deep Clean a Sand Filter (And Change Sand)

multiport valve sand filter

So, perhaps it’s been a year or two and you’re thinking about either deep cleaning your sand filter or changing the sand entirely. To help you with that, I’ll be showing you the main ways of doing so, which products to use, as well as answering some other questions that’ll hopefully help you along the … Read more

How to Remove Iron from Pool Water (Water High with Iron)

So you think you may have iron in your pool water? Before you rush out and try to remove the iron from your pool water you need to do some investigation.  The first thing to do is confirm that what you think is iron is in fact iron. There are two symptoms that result from … Read more

Beginners Guide to Saltwater Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a saltwater pool is very similar to maintaining any other pool and they will serve you well if you maintain them properly. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about what a saltwater pool is and how to maintain it so that you can keep your water looking great! What … Read more

Is it OK to Put Chlorine in a Saltwater Pool? (answered!)

The question many pool owners are wondering about is whether you can add chlorine to a saltwater pool? Adding chlorine to a saltwater pool is recommended if the chlorine levels are below 1 ppm. Adding chlorine will quickly increase the chlorine levels to the safe range. It’s also acceptable to add chlorine to shock your … Read more

Which Pool Shock Should You Use? (answered!)

There are several types of pool shock out there. Each one is used for a different purpose, and each one has a unique effect on the pool’s chemistry. Since every pool is different each has its own specific needs, and with chemical costs soaring and limited product availability, finding the right pool shock to use … Read more