Can You Use Bleach or Clorox in a Pool? Is it Cheaper?

Clorox Performance Bleach

Many pool owners want to know if you can use bleach or Clorox to sanitize your pool. It’s a common question and one that is more than a simple yes or no answer. It is important to know what exactly bleach is before you put it in your pool.  Household bleach, Clorox and liquid chlorine … Read more

Liquid Chlorine Vs Tablets – What’s Better for Your Pool?

Liquid Chlorine Vs Tablets

When choosing between liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets for your pool sanitation needs, the choice can be a bit confusing. Both products will chlorinate your pool, but is one a better choice than the other? We dive in and find out.  Liquid chlorine is preferred over chlorine tablets by pool professionals however home swimming pools … Read more

Should You Use Stabilized or Unstabilized Chlorine?


For pool owners chlorinating their pools, it can be hard to know if stabilized or unstabilized chlorine should be used. It is an important decision and choosing the wrong one for your situation can lead to more headaches than solutions.   Read on to find out if you should be using stabilized or unstabilized chlorine in … Read more

Should You Run Pool Pump When Raining or in a Storm?


A common question I see come up regularly is if it’s beneficial to run your pool pump during rain or during a storm? Is it dangerous or unsafe to run your pool pump and filtration system? Stick around because we’ll look at what you should do. Running your pool pump during a lightning or electrical … Read more

Should You Use Dichlor or Trichlor for Your Pool?

Rx Clear Dichlor Chlorine

Choosing whether to use trichlor or dichlor in your pool can seem like a daunting task for new pool owners. While trichlor and dichlor are both suitable options and have similarities, they have key differences. Which chlorine will make a better choice over the other? Find out here. For daily chlorination and maintaining your free … Read more

What is Swimming Pool Stabilizer & When To Add It

swimming pool water stabiliser

Stabilizers are a major part of getting your pool chemistry just right. And if you’re anything like I was, you’re probably at a loss as to what stabilizer does and how much you need. These are questions many pool owners struggle to answer.  But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, … Read more

Is Night Or Day Best To Run a Pool Pump? Plus Other Tips

Swimming pool with underwater pool lights (LED)

Deciding on the best time to run your pool filter can be tricky. But not to worry. This post reveals all you should know to decide if you should run your pump in the day or night time. It also reveals some pro tips that will come in handy while deciding on when to run … Read more

How Often Should You Run Your Pool Pump? And how long?

Pool pumps are an important part of any successful pool maintenance routine. They help to keep the water in your pool clean and clear. But the question remains, how often and how long should you run your pool pump? You’re not alone if you don’t know the answer to this question. In this article, we’ll … Read more