7 Ways to Prevent Algae in Your Pool this Winter

In the hot summer months, as many of us know, algae can take over a pool faster and more effectively than an out of control teenage pool party. But just because it’s now winter, don’t make the mistake of thinking the algae aren’t just waiting until you’re back’s turned in order to leap back in. … Read more

30 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do in a Pool

As everybody knows, there are some things you shouldn’t do in a pool. The list usually includes such tired and often repeated advice as not swimming too soon after you’ve eaten, not swimming during a thunder storm, and not running on the side of the pool. But there are some things you REALLY shouldn’t do … Read more

7 Essential Winter Maintenance Tips

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your pool.  It still needs looking after.  Here’s 7 essential tips to keep your pool trouble free this winter.

How to use Pool Chlorine Test Kits

Man Testing the Swimming Pool Water

Learn how to use two types of pool chlorine testing kits; Pool Test Strips & Liquid Test Kits. Discover what to do if your pool chlorine level is incorrect.

How to Use Pool PH Testing Kit

We show you how to use the two most common pool PH testing kits; Pool Test Strips & Drop Test Kits. You’ll also find out how to adjust your pool’s PH level.