Using Muriatic Acid To Clear A Green Pool Quickly

swimming pool with green algae

Has your swimming pool turned green and you are looking for a solution to fix it quickly? In this article, we will discuss why your pool is green and how you can use muriatic acid to adjust the pH level and get your pool looking clear again. Why is My Pool Green? If your swimming … Read more

How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Bugs that Swim

Different types and kinds of beetles

Perhaps one day you entered your pool and noticed some swimming pool bugs (also known as water bugs) in the water, which you’re probably hoping to get rid of. In this article, I’ll be describing some of the most common swimming pool bugs you’re likely to find, as well as the best ways to remove … Read more

How Much Muriatic Acid To Lower Pool pH & Alkalinity

Muriatic Acid to Lower pH & Alkalinity

Perhaps you’ve recently tested the pH and alkalinity of your pool and realized they were too high so now you’re trying to lower them using muriatic acid. In this article, I’ll help you determine the exact amount of muriatic acid you’ll need to lower these water chemicals, as well as the step-by-step procedure. To lower … Read more

Muriatic Acid Vs Sodium Bisulfate (Dry Acid) For Pools

Perhaps you’ve recently tested your pool water chemistry and noticed that the pH and alkalinity are too high, so you’re trying to find the best ways to lower them. In this article, I’ll be helping you compare and contrast the two most common chemicals used to lower pH and alkalinity, muriatic acid and sodium bisulfate, … Read more

What To Do If You Add Too Much Muriatic Acid To Pool


A common additive in swimming pools, muriatic acid is essential in ensuring that a proper pH balance and alkalinity are maintained in the water. With increasing pH and alkalinity levels, muriatic acid counteracts this and will restore these levels to an acceptable range. Adding too much muriatic acid, however, may result in excessively low pH … Read more

What Is Muriatic Acid for in a Pool?

Sparkly clean swimming pool under the heat of the sun.

From cyanuric acid to oxidizers, bromine, and chlorine, you work with an assortment of pool chemicals to keep the water clean. Are you using muriatic acid as well? What is muriatic acid and why do you need it for your pool? Muriatic acid is also known as spirits of salt. The pool-grade variety has less … Read more

6 Signs a Pool Pump Capacitor Is Bad (and how to test)

Pool pump motor capacitors

Each day, when you turn on your pool pump, the pool pump run capacitor is at play. When yours starts to go faulty, it can affect the pool pump and even prevent it from turning on or starting. What are some signs the pool pump capacitor is in bad shape? Here’s how to tell if … Read more

Fix a Cloudy Pool After Adding Soda Ash (pH Increaser)

Cloudy inground pool after adding soda ash or baking soda.

Soda ash can work wonders when it comes to raising the pH of your pool, but using it incorrectly will cause the water to become extremely cloudy. Luckily, there are a few ways to clear “milky” water caused by soda ash or another pH increaser. Though there are a few different methods, the most effective … Read more