Ideal Swimming Pool Temperatures (A Complete List)

My father-in-law is a keen lap swimmer. He loves to keep swimming no matter the season. That had me thinking about what the perfect swimming pool temperature is and whether he’ll be too cold if he swims after summer ends. What temp should your pool be? The ideal swimming pool temperature is between 75.2 degrees … Read more

25 of the Best Trees to Plant Around a Swimming Pool

Your backyard could use more greenery. You figure some trees around the pool would add shade to your yard and make your pool area more private, especially if you don’t have a fence. Which trees should you plant around a swimming pool? Here are some of the best trees to plant around your pool: Ginkgo … Read more

How Far Should Trees be Planted From a Pool?

Do you intend on doing landscaping around your pool area? Perhaps you are considering planting some trees. There are a few factors that you should keep in mind before selecting or even planting the trees, such as the distance between the trees and the pool. Ideally, trees should be planted a minimum of five to six … Read more

Can I Swim with a Fitbit Watch? Will It Damage It?


The importance of keeping your health the main priority is in everything you do or see. And part of this initiative is wearing smartwatches and trackers. Fitbit is the biggest tracking brand out in the market right now along with Apple watches. Luckily, their products and apps work with Apple iOS and Android. But, the … Read more

30 of the Worst Trees to Have Around a Swimming Pool

You want your pool area to be a backyard paradise. Trees and landscaping often enhance your yard and pool. However, there are certain trees that you’ll want to avoid putting near the pool. Steer clear of these 30 trees to help keep your pool maintenance to a minimum. Judging Criteria How did these trees make … Read more

12 Awesome Pool Basketball Hoop Options (2022)

You never tire of swimming laps back and forth in your pool, but you can sense your kids are getting restless. To help them get some exercise and make pool time more fun, you want to treat them to a pool basketball hoop. This article will present an assortment of the best pool basketball hoop … Read more

50 Fun Swimming Pool Games for Adults or Kids

The pool is open and ready for warm weather. Now you just need some fun ways to keep everyone entertained. Check out these 50 swimming pool games for adults and kids that will keep them having fun all summer long.  1. Marco Polo Marco Polo is a classic game of tag in the water. One … Read more

Salt Water & Chlorine Pool Costs | What’s cheaper?

Is a saltwater or chlorine pool cheaper? That’s a great question! This is a highly debated topic and is asked by new and existing pool owners all the time. There are a few things to consider when answering this question, one of which is day-to-day costs, maintenance costs, and how much you value your time. … Read more