7 Problems with LED Pool Lights

Are LED Pool Lights as good as they’re made out to be? Before you upgrade your old pool lights we’ll look at the potential downside to these new pool lights.

15 Ways to Reduce Your Pool Running Costs

It’s a linguistic curiosity of the English language that the operating costs of owning a swimming pool should be called “running” costs. But that doesn’t mean the running costs aren’t real. And it also doesn’t mean they can’t be significantly reduced. Here are 15 simple ways. 1. Get a Pool Cover The simplest, quickest, and … Read more

Pool Cover Roller – Which Type Do You Need?

Pool Cover on Swimming Pool

The benefits of having a pool cover are well known: they keep the water warmer, they keep out leaves, bugs, and dirt and thus cut down on cleaning times, they prevent evaporation, and they reduce chemical loss. All that’s great. But, if you’ve got a pool cover, you need a pool cover roller, otherwise known … Read more