When & How Often To Clean Pool Salt Cell? (Answered!)

As a saltwater pool owner, you will need to clean the salt cell regularly to remove deposits that can prevent the effective functioning of the cell. But when should you clean the salt cell and how often should you do so? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed in this article. So … Read more

What Percentage to Set Salt Chlorine Generator (Answered!)

Congratulations on your new saltwater pool! Now…how does this thing work? One of the first things you need to understand when it comes to saltwater pools is how to set the power level, or percentage level, of your saltwater chlorine generator (SWG for short and sometimes called a chlorinator). Setting the power percentage for a … Read more

Pool Filter Quickly Clogging Up (within days or hours)

pool pump and equipment

If your pool filter gets clogged in a few hours or days after cleaning the filter, it’s an indication that it could be more than just a dirty pool. So what causes the pool filter to clog quickly and what should you do to fix the problem? The answers to these questions and more will … Read more

White Flakes in Saltwater Pool and How to Remove Them

White calcium flakes - looks a little like salt.

You do your best to keep the consistency of your saltwater pool clear, which is why you’re baffled by the presence of these white flakes in your pool. There aren’t a lot of them, but enough to be concerning. What are these white flakes and how do you get rid of them ASAP? White flakes … Read more

How Long To Run Saltwater Chlorine Generator (Chlorinator) & Pump?

Sand timer

The saltwater generator (aka salt cell, SWG, chlorine generator or chlorinator) ensures that the pool water remains safe for swimming. To do this, the chlorine generator and pool pump need to run long enough to clean the water. So how long should you leave the saltwater system running? And what happens when you don’t run … Read more

Why Are My Saltwater Chlorine Generator Warning Lights On (solved!)

Pool control panel with LCD display and warning lights.

I remember when I just installed my saltwater chlorine generator. I couldn’t understand what those warning lights meant and the user’s guide doesn’t tell you the entire story either. So trust me when I say you aren’t alone. But not to worry, this post reveals what the saltwater generator warning lights mean and what to … Read more

Lowest Temperatures Salt Cells (Chlorine Generator) Work At

Thermometer in the cold winter snow

Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s extremely environmentally friendly and low maintenance, needing much less chemical application than other chlorine pools. However, for the saltwater chlorinator (aka salt chlorine generator) to work properly, it needs a minimum water temperature range. The lowest temperatures a saltwater chlorine … Read more

How To Fix Low or No Pressure In Pool Filter Quickly

So you’ve just noticed the pressure gauge on your pool filter is really low or the needle is showing no pressure. This is despite that fact that your pump appears to be working. Low or no pressure in the pool filter means the pool water will not circulate properly. This is not a problem you … Read more