Best Giant Pool Floats

Summer pool fun could not be easier with giant pool floats. There are many great options out there. We’ve done the research and narrowed the search down for you with some great recommendations.

The best giant pool floats are great for parties, BBQs with friends or just relaxing on your own, with enough room to really lounge about your swimming pool in comfort and style. They also make a great gift choice for sun-loving family members or friends. These Giant Pool Floats are perfect for adults and kids will love them!

For all these giant pool floats you’re going to want an electric pump to inflate them, or you’ll spend all day on the job and possibly pass out. Some of these giant floats can take an electric pump 5-15 minutes to inflate, so make sure you get started early.

We recommend this electric pump on amazon. It’s portable, rechargeable and will also deflate your float for you.

woman on a pool flamingo float

Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Unicorns have been a hugely popular choice recently and still a firm favourite. Unicorn floats make Amazon’s top 100 list of bestseller pool floats and is currently in the top position.

This magical ride will float 2 adults. Her rainbow tail is the perfect place to lay your head and dream away the day. But if the kids are about you probably won’t get a look in as they take over the floatie fun.

With Rainbows, gold and sparkles, this unicorn is a crowd-pleaser.

Pros: An Instagram worthy crowd pleaser. Buyers of this product love the cute factor and report this float is well made and durable.

Cons: This float will take a while to inflate manually, so use an electric pump. As with many floats, a few buyers had issues with leaks or holes.

Buy this Giant Unicorn Pool Float on Amazon here.

Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pizza Pool Float

For something delicious in the pool, how about pizza? This pizza slice pool float has two cup holders and is suitable for one adult. If you purchase 8 pizza slices, you can tie them together to form one super large pizza! Pizza Pool Party anyone?

Pros: The elevated crust makes the perfect headrest. Buyers report this float is a great size and easy to inflate.

Cons: Heavey use with multiple users has resulted in a shorter lifespan than some buyers had expected.

Buy your Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float here on Amazon.

Giant Flamingo

Flamingo Float

This Flamingo will accommodate 2 adults and is strong as well as durable. Our research found some riders have accommodated 6 kids and she survived no problem. She’s a tough bird!

Pros: Buyers are impressed with the large size of this flamingo float. Easy to inflate with an electric pump.

Cons: Very little apart from the occasional leak or hole as with many floats.

Buy your Giant Flamingo Pool Float here.

Giant Fire Dragon Pool Float

Fire Dragon Pool Float

This fire breathing dragon might not set your pool on fire but it’s sure to make a hot day a blast. In case you’re overheating in the sun, this dragon comes with a mini dragon drink float to keep your drink cold and quench your thirst.

Pros: Great design, durable and looks good in the pool.

Cons: Some buyers were keen for the actual dragon float to include an inbuilt drink holder but it does come with its own mini float just for your drink.

Get your Giant Fire Dragon here.

White Swan Pool Float

Giant Swan Float
By Giant Bean Bag Chairs

This majestic swan float is right at home in a pool. It’s also the most competitively priced of our Giant Pool Float picks, making it a great buy.

Pros: Impressive size and durable make. Looks great in the pool.

Cons: A pump is supplied with this float but some buyers have reported it’s not very good quality and only lasted long enough to blow up once. No cup holders.

Get your Giant Swan Pool Float here.

T-Rex Pool Float Ride-On

Giant T-Rex Pool Float

Dinosaur fans will roar with excitement on this T-Rex float. You’re never too old to revisit your childhood with dinosaurs.

Pros: Lots of buyers get a laugh from this fun design. Strong and durable. Popular with kids and adults alike.

Cons: Usual low level repots of leak or hole as with many floats.

Get your Giant T-Rex Pool Float here.

Giant Rubber Ducky

Giant Rubber Duck Pool Float

The rubber duck of childhood bathtime takes on giant proportions with this inflatable.

This cool Derby Duck will bring hours of water floating enjoyment. With two cup holders and 5 handles for easy onboard access, this float will be a family favourite.

Pros: Inflates well. A family favourite for many buyers.

Cons: Some buyers had problems with leaks.

Buy your Giant Rubber Duck Pool Float here.

Giant Unicorn Party Island Float

Giant Unicorn Party Island Pool Float

This island float is big. With enough room to seat 4 adults, it really is the life of any party. Or get the family together for some serious bonding, after all, where can they go?

Recommended for large pools or lakes, rivers and beaches.

Pros: Great looking float with lots of room.

Cons: One buyer recommends purchasing an anchor to ensure it doesn’t drift.

Buy your Giant Unicorn Party Island Float here.

Party Bird Island Giant Flamingo Pool Float 


A huge party island float. This Flamingo Island is a show stopper who will comfortably seat 6 adults.

Make sure you have plenty of room for this bird to float, she needs her space.

Pros: Good quality and fun summer addition.

Cons: Minor complaints from buyers with the supplied pump. Needs to be plugged into an outlet and the cord is short.

Buy your Giant Flamingo Party Bird Island Float here.


Pool floats are a must for your backyard swimming pool. Your pool might not accommodate an inflatable island (and if it does, awesome for you!) but one of these giant floats can be a feature to extend the fun factor your pool gives you this season.

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