Save $566 Yearly

Most pool owners are throwing away several hundred dollars each year on pool running costs. Discover how to avoid this.

A Clean Pool in 10 mins per Week

Cleaning your pool daily is no fun. Find out how to have a clean pool in just 10 mins per week.

Warmer Pool Water Without Heating

It’s a sad fact, most pools are too cold to enjoy. You don’t need to spend a fortune on heating to have warm water. See how.

Stop Evaporating Pool Water

You may not realise, but the average pool loses its entire volume of water yearly. There is a way to stop this for good.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Pauline T. (NSW) …

It has extended the swimming season and allowed us to use the pool for an additional month- we wouldn’t have been able to use the pool during this time before because it would have been too cold….

Chris M. (QLD) …

My pool is clean and I am able to save a lot of time.
I now only have to clean my pool once a week, which is great!…

Andrew B. (SA) …

Since installing it, it has made the water warmer up to 5 degrees and we were able to swim an extra 6 weeks….

Naomi M. (NSW) …

I only have have to clean the pool once a week instead of cleaning it every couple of days.
It has also lessened the time I’ve had to run my filter pump. It is a great help and saves me a lot of time, effort and money….