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Pool Covers – How to Measure & DIY Install

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Installation is simple. Below we’ll tell you how to measure for your pool and how to install the cover yourself. 

Our pool covers:
* Will fit any shaped pool – easily cut to size with scissors
* Can be installed by anyone – no special tools required 

How to Measure Your Pool

Step 1

To measure your pool, simply measure the widest and longest edges.


For shaped pools, treat as rectangular


Step 2

Add 15cm to both measurements to obtain the minimum pool cover size needed.
e.g. If your measurements were 10 x 5m. Then you need a cover that is at least 10.15×5.15m in size.

Step 3

Order your cover. Use the size selector menu on the order page to select the closest size. Don’t worry if the cover is larger than your pool

How to Install Your Pool Cover

Step 1

installing-pool-cover-broomLay the cover bubble side down on the water & smooth out with a pool broom.



Step 2

2014-05-31_0125Cut the cover using the pool as a template with sharp scissors. Cut it a little big so the cover rises(curls) up the side of the pool by about 7-10cm.

Step 3

With the broom, smooth and push the cover up against the edge of the pool. If necessary, trim a little more off the cover so the cuts are straight and even.

You’re done! Now you can enjoy warmer and cleaner pool water.

Photo Credits: Teaser Photo Attribution: By Michael Hicks

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